February, 2015

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-i579


You have the chance to work with a much improved Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-i579. Before you do that, though, a certain kind of tool is needed. We have the most appropriate one: SRSRoot....

How to Root Sony Xperia L C2104


Sony Xperia L C2104 is featured on our blog, which means you’ll learn how to easily root it! There’s nothing hard about such a procedure. Simply read our steps and pay attention to what...

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Y SCH-i509


Samsung Galaxy Y SCH-i509 CDMA has¬†an important experience¬†to try out. The name of what your smartphone will go through is a “rooting”. This needs you to put the handset and laptop at work. Details...

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