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The DroidGator team is made of young and enthusiastic people. It is our belief that passion is the most significant engine behind success. That is why we strove to include in our team passionate people that love what they do and at the same time want to help others by giving them interesting information or arousing their curiosity so that they can learn more about various things.

Our intention is to keep you up to date with the latest technology news, to provide tutorials on how to update/root/unroot your Android gadget and comparisons between various devices so that you know which one to pick. In a nutshell: we are here to offer good information to both people who are gadget junkies as well as to newbies who have never owned a gadget and who happen to land on our site because they want to learn something new.

Meet our team

Here is the team in charge with Android news, gadgets comparisons and how to guides:

Catalin Nichita – Editor in Chief

Catalin is addicted to new technologies related to Android, gadgets and gizmos.

He is a web developer and the first member of the DroidGator team. As such, he is responsible, among others, for the website’s online maintenance by changing the look and style of the website so that you’ll find your way around easier. Also, he enjoys writing news about Android devices, something which he has done for may years. If you have any questions about the articles he has written so far, you ‘ll see that he’s more than willing to give more info about them at any time.

His first Android device was the original Droid. Since then he has owned many Samsung smartphones. Currently he enjoys spending time with his Samsung Galaxy S4.

Bottom line: if you’re a first-time visitor and have some important questions about a gadget, feel free to contact him. He will try his best to help you.

You can read his latest posts here.

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Mihai Mateescu – Editor

Mihai is one of the most enthusiastic and talented professional we know and we are happy to have him in our team. He has also been in our team since our website was first launched. Because he’s passionate about technology, he provides quality posts and he enjoys receiving questions, advice and constructive remarks.

Mihai specializes in Android news. He is also a big fan of every type of technology that tries to protect the environment. He likes to spend his free time reading the latest news about everything that relates to his two main hobbies.

He remembers that his first Android-based gadget was HTC Aria. His most recent acquisition is Samsung Galaxy S3.

If you have any questions related to Android world, tutorials or tips, he’s your guy.

You can read his latest posts here.

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Cristian Tudose – Author

Cristian is an expert in what he calls the strange (some would say unnecessary) gadgets of the future. He also loves to test them and write detailed and informative posts about them.

He keeps an eye on various technical details like touch sensors, edge-less screens and all sorts of intelligent and transparent devices. He used to work as an editor for a few technology based websites, but he decided to specialize in the branch of Android technology.

Like most young enthusiastic professionals, he considers himself very lucky to have the opportunity to give and find information related to the topics he is interested in.

He started with a BlackBerry, then moved on to HTC and now is using Motorola Atrix 4G.

He also wants to know what you think about all the technology some companies want to invest in and make profit. So drop him comments about the articles he posts, as they motivate him to improve himself even more.

You can read his latest posts here.

Contact Cristian Tudose: Email / Google Plus

Tomescu Andrei

Andrei is specialized in gadget news, future technology, Internet and mobile devices designed for future communication. He enjoys reading many interesting articles related to Android on the Internet and in magazines specializing in this topic. Like other members of our team, Andrei is very experienced when it comes to writing articles in the field.
It is his belief that in the future, people won’t use mobile phones as much as they do now. He also thinks that the Internet will become the major means of communication between people. He is particularly interested in the future of socializing networks.
He has been a fan of Motorola fans, but then discovered other brands such as HTC and Samsung. His device of choice is Droid DNA.
If you need more details about his articles, Andrei will help you for sure.

You can read his latest posts here.

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Adrian Cristescu

Adrian is an enthusiastic professional, able to give answers to a lot of tech questions.

He is always interested in the latest technology news. Adrian can offer details about the latest trends, news and data about technology and gadgets.

He has a lot of experience in his activity field and can help you if you have problems with almost any Android gadget.

You can read his latest posts here.

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Veronica Teodor

Veronica is the newest member of our team. She loves everything that has to do with gadgets and technology.

As such, she is ready to provide Android tips and other technical discoveries she has made so far. Her posts offer an in-depth look at such topics.

She currently prides herself on her newly bought Samsung Galaxy S4.

You can read her latest posts here.

Contact Veronica Teodor: Email / Google Plus

How to contact us

If you want to contact us for more info on our work, advertising, PR or wish to send us a tip, you can use our “Contact” page.

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