How to root LG Mach LS860

We are coming your way with a rooting tool that’s fully compatible with LG Mach LS860. There is a great deal of advantages associated with root access. And they will all safely land on your phone if you consider this guide!

If you think that your phone’s in need of other more important additions, rooting it is the best choice. Apart from updating the device, rooting it is another way to explore its full potential. The method we chose for this procedure concerns an app called SRSRoot. This dedicated software allows you to use a large variety of Build IDs. We selected this one: IMM76I.

In terms of novelties, you’ll discover new features and superuser permission. Root-only apps, admin permission and battery tweaks are delivered, too. When you are done with the rooting, your handset will return with custom ROMs and customization options. There’s also the fact that the CPU of your handset, a dual-core 1.2 GHz Krait one, will perform much better.LG-Mach-LS860

The benefits of this procedure

Your phone’s Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich will not get erased during the rooting. That’s because this application supports all the Android versions released. The handset came out in 2012 and it’s also known as LG Cayenne. The tool we opted for is available for all the brands ever launched. It also helps you get rid of the root access if you want to.

Furthermore, this dedicated software doesn’t let your handset get damaged by bugs. It is powered by an SRS Server and it’s free of any sort of bloatware. Fortunately, the SRSRoot is a free app, so you won’t have to pay to download it.

Your LS860 can be upgraded. But if it is updated when rooted, the system partition and root access will be affected. While the former will be deleted, the latter shall be revoked. An update will never mess with the phone’s important data; neither will the internal and external SD cards be damaged. But the rooting will affect the warranty, rendering it unusable. However, there’s always the possibility ro restore it.


If you are done with the above, move on to these pre-requisites:

  • you should generate a backup if you want to protect the handset’s important data from any kind of damage;
  • your notebook needs to have USB drivers running on it;
  • go to this place to find them;
  • now download them on your notebook;
  • a full NANDroid backup is required next, so you should initiate one;
  • your LG Mach LS860 needs to contain a battery which is 100% charged;
  • your notebook must sport Windows as an OS;
  • open all of the phone’s security programs and have them turned off;
  • open the same on your notebook and make sure they are also disabled.

Step by step instructions

The best way to perform the rooting via the SRSRoot is to follow some simple steps.

  1. The one that comes first is this: get the SRSRoot downloaded on your notebook. For this first step to work, only this page is the right one to access. Once you are on that site, click on its download button.
  2. The download of the dedicated app will start. Wait for it to end, then simply flash the software on the notebook; open it afterwards.
  3. Then do the following: go to your smartphone. Tap, on it, these options: Menu and Settings. Under the latter is an option. It should appear as Unknown Sources. When you spot it, tap it. After that, activate USB Debugging.
  4. If you did that for the requirements above, move on. The next step needs this from you: make sure your phone and notebook are connected. To create a connection between them, you have to use the USB cord which belongs to the LG Mach LS860.
  5. The moment your devices are plugged to one another, you need to put the rooting into motion. In order to perform this step, you’d better click on the option labelled Root Device (All Methods).
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]When the rooting begins, you will have to wait until it’s completed. This should happen in about 15 minutes. If nothing starts to happen, you can redo the steps. But if the rooting is finished when the 15 minutes are done, you’re free to move on.
  7. Like this: restart the smartphone via Reboot System Now. Once the rebooting is achieved, you should get a taste of the novelties.

If they rise up to expectation, have fun using them. If they do not, you had better unroot the LG Mach LS860. Which is where the same dedicated app comes in.

Our comment section below is ready for your questions. Use it if the rooting comes up with problems.