How to Root LG Nitro HD P930

LG Nitro HD P930 has a lot to benefit from root access. If you’re bent on getting that for your phone, then learn how to root your phone from this guide.

Today is the day SRSRoot is introduced to your device. Once it gets familiar with this tool, the phone’s free to show its true qualities. Besides that, its list of options and whatnot gets longer. The app we just referred to is free. The kind of server it’s powered by is an SRS one. Your LG Nitro HD P930 is more than ready to get new features. The SRSRoot tool works really well with your phone, even if its release date is 2011. In fact, there are many different gadgets that are compatible with the app; the latter cares little of these devices’ brand, launch date and so on. With the rooting app on-board, the handset gets access to admin / superuser permission and root-only app.

The advantages of this method

Also, the product gains stuff like custom ROMs paired with customization options. Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread is an OS version that the SRSRoot fully supports. Options for longer battery life are also part of the novelties. The phone’s dual-core 1.5 GHz Scorpion CPU isn’t going to perform poorly; the new rooting tool helps its speed by making it faster. A Build ID is more than necessary for the rooting. Thankfully, the SRSRoot allows you to have a personal choice on the matter. As for our option: GRJ90 was used for the rooting. As an added bonus: the procedure is free of bloatware and security woes.LG-Nitro-HD-P930

Be on the lookout: once a device is rooted, its warranty is revoked. So make sure you choose the right kind of guide to restore it; by that, we mean looking for a tutorial with the LG Nitro HD P930 in its name.

Then, if your immediate plan is to provide an upgrade, you should be aware of several aspects. The root access will be revoked; also, the system partition shall be taken away. Internal / external SD cards as well as important data have no reason to worry about damage.


After making sure the earlier paragraphs have been taken care of, proceed to some pre-requisites:

  • this page has all the USB drivers which your phone is compatible with;
  • after you click on that link, download them on the laptop;
  • a fully charged battery is a must for the rooting;
  • certain backups must be done so that you lose nothing of importance from the phone;
  • a full NANDroid backup is recommended next;
  • no other OS is as important for your laptop as Windows is for the rooting;
  • the P930 should have its security programs turned off;
  • more than that, the laptop’s security programs; must be disabled now;
  • the handset has USB Debugging, which is something you need to tap.

Step by step instructions

Worthy of your attention are the following steps!

  1. If you’re ready, here’s the first step: land the laptop on this page. You need to do that because that’s where the SRSRoot is. Going to that address will make you see a download button.
  2. By clicking on the latter, the rooting app is going to be downloaded on your laptop. This tool has to be launched on it next. Then you’d better open the app there, as well.
  3. The LG Nitro HD P930 contains some options that you need to enable now. They are Menu and Settings. The step coming up now indicates that you should tap the option under Settings, which is Unknown Sources.
  4. When we mentioned the requirements above, we told you to enable USB Debugging. You can, if you haven’t already tapped it, activate this option for this step.
  5. The smartphone has to enter a connection with your laptop. The way to do so is to just use the handset’s USB cord. When the connection is created, the rooting should start.
  6. Allow it to happen by tapping this: Root Device (All Methods). Make sure you enable this as mentioned, then wait. Around 15 minutes will be more than enough.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]If the rooting is something that takes longer to end, then you have to solve this situation. We propose this method: repeat the steps already performed.
  8. The step that follows now is the last one. You’ll see that it advises you to reboot the handset. In order to allow that to happen, Reboot System Now must be activated. Do that, then, when the LG Nitro HD P930 is alive once more, you will have much to look forward to. Should you want to revoke the root access because you don’t like it, choose the same rooting app for that.

We’ll leave you with a comment box now. Leave there questions about the rooting (especially if problems appear while performing it).