Amazon Appstore Version 5.0 comes with support for Almost 200 Countries

Amazon Appstore has received an update today to version 5.0. And that is not all: the new version for your Android gadget can support up to 200 countries. Which is a real fit for the popular online shop.

The first time anyone heard about Amazon planning a new version for their Appstore was a month ago. According to Gordon Gekko, the Appstore version 5.0 is now able to offer support to 195 markets. Which is a complete turn-around from the mere 7 markets it used to be available for in the recent past. And that surpasses even the number of total markets that are supported by app stores belonging to both Google, Microsoft, BlackBerry and Apple.

Here is what you can expect from the new Appstore version according to its changelog: improved performance, better stability, no bugs and many more pros. As for countries that are supported by this update, if you live in one of the following countries you’re in luck: Austria, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Ireland and India.Amazon-App-Store

If you are not sure how to have a chance at using the Amazon Appstore version 5.0, just take a look below and find out. So:

  • on your Android device, go and turn on an option called “Installation of apps from unknown sources”;
  • go to the following address: ;
  • find the apk;
  • flash it on your gadget;
  • start using it.

If you prefer another variant, you can always look for updates by going to the store itself. Like this: go to your device’s Menu, tap on Settings, choose Version and Release Notes. If this doesn’t function, then perform the short tutorial from above and you’re all set!

The fact that you can buy Android apps on a legal route is one of the best advantages of the updated Amazon Appstore. Keep in mind, though, that app availability will be closely connected to where in the world you are, according to the changelog. Countries in the EU have their very own stores. Not the same will happen for stores in the U.S.