Chrome Beta for Android receives important update

The newest version of Chrome Beta for Android will feature all kinds of great additions. Version 8 of this web browser for your Android device can be tested from Google Play Store.

So what’s all the fuss about this updated Chrome Beta? You will get to see many types of improvements and new features that are sure to make the user experience more exciting. The official Chrome changelog that was published recently shows 5 very important features. Here they are: a new graph, Google Translate, an improved error page for mobile devices, support for fullscreen API and full-screen capabilities on tablets.

The new graph allows the user to check out bandwidth savings in an estimated value (which will be very useful if you want to use a feature called experimental data compression). The “fullscreen on tablets” option lets you scroll a page if you wish to avoid the

The Google Translate feature does the same as the version for your laptop; when you are on a page that your smartphone or tablet does not recognize, the feature in question is going to appear at once and let you understand what it’s all about. The support that is offered by the full-screen API is loads improved.

The fact that you are able to have full control over how much bandwidth you are using is undeniably a very inspired feature to add on the Chrome Beta v8. That is because no one is keen on consuming their carrier’s monthly data limit that quickly. What this sort of feature also does well is this: the pages that you want to access on the Internet are going to load at a much faster pace than before. The addition of a graph like the one mentioned above means that the user can see the amount of data they are able to save.

The Chrome Beta v8 for Android comes is, indeed, a very nice update to have around.