Download Kies Mini to Update almost any Samsung Smartphone

A Samsung smartphone comes with a varied number of dedicated software which are there to make sure you enjoy using that device. But, apart from the pre-installed software, your Samsung device can improve the way it performs, increase the number of features, enhance its battery and so on by finding a tool which will update it.

Here is where we come in and introduce Kies Mini. This software is compatible with Microsoft Windows based operating systems: XP, Vista and Windows 7 and 8.

The tool we selected comes from the South Korean manufacturer. Which means that you can use it on your smartphone without the fear of ruining your device after you flash it.

As soon as you will download and install the Kies Mini on your handset, the device will gain access to all the advantages we mentioned in the previous paragraph. Basically, you will be able to flash on it any OTA (Over The Air) update.


If you decide to flash the Samsung Kies Mini, you will still have access to your smartphone’s warranty; that’s because this tool will not affect it in any way whatsoever.

So don’t waste any more time and find out how to get this software on your phone from today’s guide!

The procedure that allows you to upgrade your Samsung phone to Kies Mini should start with you doing this: open your device and look for any updates that can be downloaded on it. In case you have the newest ones on your phone, you can begin our tutorial.

But, in case there is already a Kies Mini version on your handset and it’s the most recent one, then you shouldn’t follow our guide. But if you don’t have the latest variant, find out how to get it from the steps below.Kies-Mini

How to use Kies Mini

If you want to jump to the update steps, you need to slow down and first follow these requirements:

  • charge the battery which fuels your Samsung device;
  • install USB drivers on your laptop (these drivers should be appropriate to your phone model);
  • take out the phone’s USB cord and keep it somewhere close;
  • make sure your comp or laptop uses one of these operating systems: Windows, Linux or Mac;
  • download the latest version Kies Mini on your notebook or PC (check the download links, at the end of the article);
  • turn off, on your laptop and on your phone, their antivirus software.

After you have taken a look at the pre-requisites we just recommended, you can return to your notebook. There, make sure the Kies Mini is on its desktop. Once you verify the update software’s whereabouts, you should transfer the tool from there to the phone you own. Then, when you are finished with the copy + paste process, you have to do as follows: check the updates in the device’s “Operating system”.
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And with that, you are done. The Samsung smartphone is able to be updated to any OTA and beta firmware using the Kies Mini tool. This software has included the latest Samsung USB drivers for your device, so be careful and download the latest version of the product from the official website.

Which gives you free hand to interact with all the features, options and other possibilities this software is invested with for you and your handset’s benefit. Have fun with them! You must know that without it, the only solution to update your phone with a beta firmware remains Odin tool.

If the update tool was not installed on your device properly, repeat this guide. Or leave a message in the comments section below and we will gladly help.

(for Samsung Captivate) or (for Samsung Vibrant).