Download Samsung Galaxy S4 USB Drivers

Samsung Galaxy S4 is probably, by now, on every Samsung fan’s list of “to buy next”. This smartphone has every chance of being one of the manufacturer’s most popular so far.

Its specifications as well as the features it is blessed with are some of the reasons for that. Especially its 16/32/64 GB of storage (the latter with the help of a microSD card root you get with this model). This kind of amount means a lot for those who pre-ordered their own Galaxy S4.

In order to be able to have access to the phone’s storage from a device such as a laptop or a personal computer, you will need to make sure there is a USB or an ADB driver for it flashed on it. We have three different ways to do that.

The first way

The first of them is the universal solution. There is such a thing as a universal ADB driver for your Galaxy S4 which will work very well with your PC or laptop. The file can be downloaded online. After you find it, you should flash the USB rivers on your device and start experimenting with it. This solution should only be tried if the other two haven’t offered the best result. Or if you didn’t like how they behaved.Samsung-Galaxy-S4

The second way

The second method you can get the USB/ADB drivers on your S4 is the official one. Give it a try by locating an official firmware known as Kies.
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After you spot it, download it and then have it flashed on your comp. This variant works for both Mac and Windows-running notebooks and PCs. You can get Kies .

The third way

Finally, here is the third way you can get the ADB/USB driver on your product: the traditional one which has already been used a lot of times since it was first developed.

Here is how it works: whenever you plug your laptop to the Galaxy S4 for a certain procedure, the latter is going to be recognized by your laptop in a couple of seconds. Once it does that, the USB drivers for your phone shall be downloaded and then flashed on the notebook. You can .

These USB drivers are compatible with all available versions of S4. Hope it all made sense!

  • xsven

    2nd way = best.

    And thanks for this article, was driving me crazy not to be able to transfer stuffs to my SD card on my Galaxy S4.

  • 2nd Method is best if you are unbricking your phone… :’D

  • alan price

    i will try universal adb method all I intend to do is connect custom os kies is useless for that