How to flash TWRP Touch Recovery on Galaxy S4 I9500

Galaxy S4 I9500 is open to two kinds of custom recovery: CWM (ClockworkMod) and TWRP (TeamWin Recovery Project). Today we will tell you, in detail, how to get the latter, more specifically TWRP Touch Recovery.

With a custom recovery running on your smartphone, you shall be able to easily get tweaks for your phone, flash custom ROMs, make NANDroid backups, root your handset and so on.

So our aim is to let you enjoy all of this, and more, on your Galaxy S4 I9500 via the Team Win Recovery Project Touch. This new custom recovery is fully compatible with Android 4.2.2, Jelly Bean 4.3 and every other Android upgrade that will appear later on.


You will now have to work with these requirements so that we are off on a good start:

  • download Odin version 1.85 from here and the on your notebook;
  • create many backups that shall preserve your handset’s most precious data via these instructions;
  • install, on your PC, the sort of USB drivers that go well with your phone;
  • charge the battery of your handset;
  • switch on USB Debugging;
  • use a device that’s factory


All preparations aside, the tutorial can finally debut.

  1. The step that starts it all: power the device off and then boot it into Download Mode by making sure you press and hold, together, Volume Down and Home; after that you should press Power only so that the Android logo (along with a triangle) appear on the display, then press Power because you have to confirm the booting into that mode. Now launch Odin on the laptop.
  2. Then plug your I9500 to the notebook and you should be able to see a message (that should have “Added!!” across it) and a yellow ID:COM box to go with it; but if the screen doesn’t make these two show up, you’d better try another USB port or flash the USB drivers again.
  3. Then be careful to do the following: tap PDA and afterwards opt for openrecovery-twrp- which is part of the recovery file you had to save on your laptop.
  4. Then you will need to check F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot, tap START and your handset will enter the flashing stage. Which is going to be over faster than you think.
  5. When that moment approaches, the Galaxy S4 I9500 will enter Recovery Mode on its own. Then the required file will be on your device and an ID:COM box will become a fabulous green.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Next: the home screen of your smartphone will appear, so you will need to disconnect it from your laptop. To be able to have your phone enter the Recovery Mode, you should do the following: power your handset first, after that hold down Home and Volume Up at the same time, press Power for a couple of seconds and that’s all. From now on, your phone will sport the TWRP Touch Recovery.

QUICK NOTICE: If your smartphone displays the stock recovery when you want to restart it, you can get this out of the system by performing some guidelines.

  1. First, root it if it isn’t.
  2. Then, be sure to give a different name (or erase) to the next files (which are in the /system folder): /system/recovery-from-boot.p and /system/etc/