How to flash Jelly Bean 4.3 SlimBean Custom ROM on Galaxy Nexus S I9020

Your Galaxy Nexus S I9020 is face to face with Android 4.3 SlimBean Build 8 custom ROM in this guide. To be more precise: the file we are using is a beta version still.

In other words, you will probably notice the existence of applications which don’t work properly, bugs, FC errors and others. The method we used to eliminate these issues: we just flashed a stable custom ROM on the phone; or we used stock firmware instead.


For a 100% success rate of this guide, we urge you to observe the following requirements first:

  • root the device and then flash a custom recovery on it;
  • use only the smartphone we mentioned here;
  • download, on the laptop, the (file name: and (file name:;
  • create a backup;
  • install, on your laptop, correct USB drivers that work only with this phone;
  • use the factory unlocked Galaxy Nexus S GT-I9020;
  • charge the battery of this model;
  • turn on, on it, USB Debugging.Nexus-S-I9020

Update Nexus S to Android 4.3 SlimBean Build 8

  1. What follows next are the steps which will bring the expected Jelly Bean 4.3 SlimBean Build 8 custom ROM. The one to begin the tutorial will have you do as follows: plug the smartphone to the notebook (for which you can use the USB cord that specifically comes with your Nexus S I9020), then move the packages from the desktop of your laptop to the phone’s SD card root; switch the device off once you are done with this copy + paste move.
  2. Unplug your handset from your notebook. To enter the phone into Bootloader Mode, you should: power the handset on and at the same time press + hold Volume Down, Volume Up and Power simultaneously.
  3. This is going to determine the apparition of certain instructions which you must follow; opt for “Bootloader”. Now go to the Recovery, opt for Factory Reset/Wipe Data and for Wipe Cache Partition. The smartphone is going to experience some tasks which are needed to erase its system.
  4. We recommend the owners of the Galaxy Nexus S I9020 to choose Wipe Dalvik Cache so that the phone gets its Dalvik cache wiped, too; this kind of process is not going to damage your handset.
  5. After all three tasks are over, you should return to the Recovery screen of your handset. There, opt for “Install zip from SD card” and then for “Choose zip from SD card“.
  6. It’s now best to use the buttons for volume so that you can find the zip. Choose this file with “Power”, then immediately confirm. The flashing of the file shall commence soon.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Remember to flash the Google Apps on your smartphone, too. The installation needs to be kick-started by using the same steps that were necessary for the flashing of the Jelly Bean 4.3 SlimBean custom ROM.
  8. Wait a couple of minutes till you see the firmware packages on the handset. Then access Go Back.
  9. The phone will have to be rebooted, so choose the restarting option that’s called Restart System Now (if you cannot locate it: it’s in the Recovery Menu of your device).

Your Galaxy Nexus S I9020 is now free to test out the Android 4.3 SlimBean custom ROM!