How to root Cricket ZTE Score X500

Were you unsuccessful in your attempt to find a tutorial on how to root your Cricket ZTE Score X500? If yes, you can always turn to us, because we prepared one for you. A developer on XDA Developers forum was kind enough to point us in the right direction with the steps he thought were the best ones for such a great procedure.

So give our guide – made especially for today – a try. We guarantee it is very easy to follow and you are sure to get a spanking new handset as soon as you finish its steps. But think twice before rooting this particular phone, because as far as we noticed, you cannot unroot it if you’re no longer satisfied with how it performs.

So did you make up your mind yet? OK, if so, then you are just one step closer to finding out how to root the Cricket ZTE Score X500. However, before that, be sure you download some stuff. Like and the  for your smartphone modl. These need to be featured on your laptop; which laptop must sport Windows as its operating system.Cricket-ZTE-Score-X500

Since you’re all set for the ride, here are the steps featured in our guide.

Important instructions

  1. The following action is needed for step number one: take your handset, after that your laptop and connect them one to the other. By the time you are finished with the previous actions, you need to activate the USB Debugging on the smartphone by doing as follows: go to Settings, then tap on Applications, followed by Development and finally opt for the USB Debugging. Once in the latter option, select the field near it for ON.
  2. Step number two says that you have to unzip archive; its contents need to be placed into a dedicated folder that must be placed on your computer. Then you are required to run ZergRushTempRoot.bat.
  3. For the third step you will be asked to perform the following: wait until the installation process is almost finished, then go for the step below.
  4. Step number four is going to make you reboot the phone. All done with that step? Good, your Cricket ZTE Score X500 has just been rooted at last.

If you are not sure of that, simply find an application that has the following name: Superuser. If it’s there, you can be sure that the rooting happened for real. If the app we indicated is not there at all, then you will have to repeat the steps from the first one down to the last one. That way, you will have more success than the first time you performed them. And you will get the chance to see what your Cricket ZTE Score X500 is all about in its rooted nature.