How to Root Dell Streak 5 M01M

Dell Streak 5 M01M is, first off, a tablet in case you haven’t heard of it by now. And it’s a pretty good handset at that, despite the fact that there are more popular manufacturers when it comes to this kind of device.

If you stick close by, you will know the method to use in order to have a rooted Dell Streak 5 M01M. We recommend a rooting of your tablet for many reasons.

Some of them: you will see there are many great third-party apps on the market and they will be easy to flash on your rooted device, you will be able to use new features on the tablet, the latter will put on an improved overall performance and so on. You will also find it easier to install and use a custom recovery image on the tablet after you root it.

One of the most valuable assets of the device, which is its warranty, is going to disappear from it once the tutorial has been performed. The usual solution to avoid this minor problem: flash an official firmware update on your Streak 5 M01M.


The instructions on how to root the tablet will need to wait a bit. We are first indicating the pre-requisites you should read about before the procedure starts: create a backup manually via this guide, use a notebook that has Windows integrated on it, charge the pre-installed battery of your device, download and after that save and flash USB drivers for the handset on your notebook and turn on a nifty little option that is generally known as USB Debugging (which can be accessed like this: launch Settings, select Applications, opt for Unknown Sources and then choose the option you need for the rooting process).Dell-Streak-5-M01M


  1. Coming up next: all the steps that will help root your Streak 5 M01M. Have a quick look on the Internet for that applies to your tablet’s exact model. Then download it on your laptop and save it on its desktop.
  2. What comes after that: you need to extract, with a special tool, the files that are inside that root package on the same notebook and, after that is performed accordingly, you should plug the Streak 5 M01M to the laptop; we always use the USB cord that comes with a tablet for this part, so use the same tool for this tutorial.
  3. Once the two products are intertwined, you will have to use the right-click method on Odin tool file, then tap this option: “Run as administrator“; should your PC sport Windows XP, you need to double-click the program instead. Now find Root and simply click on it.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The tablet is going to be prepared to enter the rooting stage soon. But not before this: you will need to look for some guidelines on the tablet’s display; when you’ve spotted each of them, you must follow what they say. Now have some patience till the rooting is over.

You should, right now, be looking at a rooted Dell Streak 5 M01M. If you are unsure whether or not the tablet has been rooted successfully, you have to go to Google Play Store next and look for Root Checker there. Download this app on your handset, then use it. After you are sure that your device is truly rooted, go ahead and experience the pros that come from such a process!