How to root HTC Evo 4G LTE

Every time you think that your tablet or your smartphone is in dire need of a rooting process, you should search on the XDA Developers forum for a solution. The developers there offer many very useful solutions to your needs.

Such a solution was created even for HTC’s Evo 4G LTE. If you own the latter and it ships with whatever operating system, the tool we are about to tell you about still does its job as great as ever. But you have to keep in mind this: the smartphone you use it on must be the HTC Evo 4G. If it is another model completely, then the process will not offer the results it promises in the first place. This is why you also have to know that once you root the device, its warranty is going to get void. Sure, you will be able to regain it, but if you are a beginner it will be a bit difficult.


Now, all you need so that the rooting process is completed the way it was intended to are the ones below.

You have to use the smartphone, install USB drivers if they aren’t already (because they are indicated should the user have a laptop with Windows pre-installed). Then you need to grab the one-click rooting package (a file called and file extraction software (some good ones are either 7-Zip or WinRAR). Next, disable all of the security software programs, and enable USB Debugging. This should be followed by the backup of every personal data on the HTC Evo 4G. Finally, charge the battery of the smartphone till it reaches over 65%. If your laptop uses Mac or Linux, use Drivers 64-bit Windows () and Drivers 32-bit Windows ().

So, without further ado, the following are the steps you need to have your phone rooted. We’ll start first with the ones needed if your comp uses Mac, then the ones suited for Linux and then the steps for the Windows OS.HTC-EVO-4G-LTE-rooted

For the PC/laptop with Mac, step 1 is to download a one-click rooting package from here . When you are done with this, extract the to your laptop on the directory called Downloads. For step 2 you have to open the Command Terminal; then simply type these: cd Downloads/Evo4GLTERoot, chmod 755 * and h

Instructions for Linux users

For the comp which has Linux pre-installed, follow these steps.

  1. Number 1: get the one-click rooting package .
  2. [sc name=”banner-jos”] Step two is the extraction of the
  3. The latter needs to go to a directory on your laptop. What follows is the third step: open a terminal and type these commands: cd Downloads/Evo4GLTERoot, chmod 755 * and sudo ./adb-linux devices.
  4. Should you see that the ZIP got to a different place on your PC, do this: give Downloads the name of the directory. The rooting process begins once the smartphone’s owner types sh

Instructions for Windows users

Lastly, if you are a Windows user, then these are the necessary steps to root the HTC Evo 4G LTE.

  1. In the first step one has to download the one-click rooting package . Then use your laptop and extract to a folder there.
  2. Step 2 requires you to connect the device to the said comp with the help of the USB cable. After you connected it, find the folder that the zip files went to.
  3. Step 3: double click runme.bat. This way the rooting process goes into motion and the phone starts rebooting.
  4. Step 4 is the last one, you have to disconnect the HTC device from the PC.

And voila, you have just finished rooting your HTC Evo 4G LTE.