How to Install Android 4.2.2 VJUANC2 on Galaxy S3 Slim SM-G3812B

Going with an upgrade for Galaxy S3 Slim SM-G3812B means having endless possibilities, new features and plenty of other surprises. For you to discover them, all you have to do is install new firmware. How to do it is something we’ll tell you below!

Android 4.2.2 VJUANC2 is the firmware we mentioned in our introduction. It came out for Brazil (TIM) earlier this month. With it, your Galaxy S3 Slim SM-G3812B has a go at the option of long-pressing the WiFi Bluetooth icons in Quick Settings in order to be able to toggle the on/off state.

This isn’t the only new thing to enjoy. Other goodies are a new Gallery app and also a new set of download notifications. Coming up are low battery bug fixes, a USB debug white-list and a new set of sounds for wireless charging. The phone’s Bluetooth audio streaming has received improvements so that you can enjoy it without going through problems with it.

The novelties

The update today will prove a success only in case the correct device is installed with the VJUANC2 official firmware. Once another handset is upgraded with this firmware, you will damage it.

If the update’s done on a rooted phone, you will see the device’s system partition deleted. More than that, the phone will not have root access anymore. These are the only problems to deal with. The phone will still have its important data and the internal / external SD cards won’t be damaged.

The smartphone cannot use KIES for the update. But it accepts help from OTA should you consider this method and should your phone come with stock ROM. If the latter’s not already on the handset, try our guide.Galaxy-S3-Slim-SM-G3812B


The pre-requisites below have to be performed now:

Step by step instructions

If these requirements are performed as instructions, your phone will be ready for this update. Below are the steps that upgrade your Galaxy S3 Slim SM-G3812B to it.

  1. Begin the process via this first step: download, on your notebook, the on the notebook. Extract, with WinRar, this first package. Download Odin v3.09 from this page on the notebook. Its files must be unzipped, too, until you’re left with one sporting an Odin v3.09.exe name.
  2. Then launch this exact file on the same device as before. After that, enter the phone in Download Mode by doing the following: press and hold, at the exact same time, Home, Power and Volume Down, then keep doing that till the screen has a boot message. Once it does, press Volume Up instead.
  3. Once this step completed, time for the following one: connect your Galaxy S3 Slim SM-G3812B to the notebook. This is the step which asks for the help of your phone’s USB cord. After using it as such, wait until Odin starts the discovery of your handset.
  4. The moment it finds it, the Odin shall have this on the screen: a blue-colored sign. Move on to the firmware file, because it needs to be moved to AP / PDA. After you’re done with the transfer, F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot have to be checked, then Re-partition needs to be unchecked. “Start“ is the option that has to do with the new firmware’s flashing. Tap it.
  5. The VJUANC2 is now on the road to your smartphone. “Pass” will appear on the display after the firmware’s settled on the handset. Which will reboot quickly afterwards. After it’s done with this part, too, your smartphone’s going to have to break its connection with the notebook.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Remove the USB cable asap. For our last step, we need you to do this: tap Settings and About Phone. After each of these is selected, you’ll be able to experience the latest Android 4.2.2 JB.

If you’re not having as much fun with it as expected, the update can be restored and the old ROM brought back. All of this with the NANDroid backup file.

Below this guide is a section where you can drop comments and questions!