Install PACman Jelly Bean 4.2.2 custom ROM on HTC One V CDMA

HTC One V CDMA model will be our main character today. There is a wide variety of different firmware that are meant to bring the best in this smartphone. We have PACman ROM for this exact purpose in today’s tutorial. And we want to teach you how to install it on the One V CDMA variant.


Fro now on, follow the requirements below:

  • root the phone and flash CWM or TWRP on the device;
  • create a backup using this tutorial;
  • charge the phone’s incorporated battery;
  • use the model that has an unlocked bootloader.

How to flash PACman ROM on HTC One V

  1. Here is the beginning of our tutorial. Download the following on your notebook:
    – Google Add-on Apps (the ones the phone’s ROM does not feature) from here;
    – the (it is on the official development page);HTC-One-V-CDMA
  2. The PACman ROM is now on its way to your smartphone. Start off with these two tasks: plug the device to your laptop, transfer them to the SD card of the HTC One V and then download Fastboot Files; after that you should unzip it and then launch the PACman custom ROM on your laptop.
  3. Right now you need to look for something called boot.img, which is inside this ROM, then unzip the kernel archive and move the same file into the Fastboot directory.
  4. Power the handset off, boot it into Fastboot Mode (by pressing and holding, simultaneously, Volume Down and Power), then plug the handset to your comp and launch the Fastboot folder.
  5. Launch Command line in Windows, choose and locate the Fastboot directory and enter this:
    fastboot devices
    in the Command Line. You should spot some numbers in the window of the Command Line; in case you don’t, you will have to flash HTC Sync software.
  6. Enter, in the same Command Line, this:
    fastboot flash boot boot.img
    Unplug the devices from each other.
  7. Now you have to type
    adb reboot bootloader
    in the Command Line to help the smartphone reboot in bootloader, then choose Recovery with Power.
  8. In case you are already done with that, you should create a NANDroid backup of the phone’s ROM by first choosing Backup & Restore, then Backup.
  9. For this next portion of our tutorial, you will be asked to do this: opt for Factory Reset/Wipe Data, then select Wipe Cache Partition and then choose Install zip from memory card; when done, select Choose zip from memory card.
  10. Find the PACman ROM that is on the laptop and choose it. Once the selection is performed, you need to confirm this by tapping “Yes“.
  11. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Wait a bit for the flashing to end, then for the One V to enter Recovery Mode. The right custom ROM is now prepared to become a part of your smartphone.
  12. To accomplish that, opt for the phone’s restarting option. The device shall quickly restart and you will get to experience, for the first time, all the benefits of the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

NOTE: The new custom ROM may make you sad about the old one. So, to retrieve that one back, you have to do as follows: boot the handset into Recovery Mode, then opt for Backup & Restore; next move: choose Restore. Final task: opt for the backup you wish to have again on your HTC One V CDMA.