Install WhatsApp Messenger on Google Nexus 7 WiFi

If you want to send an instant message from your smartphone to someone you know, the number one app for that is called WhatsApp Messenger. It works for the following operating systems: iOS, Android and Symbian S60.

This tool also works should you have a BlackBerry device. Until recently, though, tablet users couldn’t use WhatsApp. Today we will tell you how to do that for Google’s Nexus 7 WiFi.

Important instructions

  1. First procedure: on your laptop (the latter needs Windows as its OS), then get and .
  2. The next operation to perform is this one: perform a connection between the PC and the tablet. Take the WhatsApp and the SRT AppGuard APK from the laptop to the tablet’s memory card. You must have an installation kit of the WhatsApp on your laptop too. Find the WhatsApp APK file, select it, use the right click option and wait for for the popup menu appear; when it does that, you should choose the option called Open with BlueStarcks APK Installer.
  3. When you’re done with this operation, the one to follow looks like this: locate WhatsApp APK on the Nexus 7 WiFi and install it (you need to use a file manager to find it).
  4. For the next step you have to install the SRT AppGuard APK and open it afterwards. Select Secure a new app (from the menu of SRT AppGuard application) and opt for WhatsApp.
  5. A new screen will come; tap on OK and, once the SRT AppGuard verify and confirm that the WhatsApp is safe, do this: choose Manage your Secure Apps when you are in the AppGuard’s menu. This way you will have the access to change this app permissions.
  6. Next up: select WhatsApp and look around for an option labeled “Check Phone Status and Verify it in the list“. Did you spot it? Good, now turn it off and start the BlueStacks Android emulator on the
  7. Tap on My Apps and then double-click the icon that says WhatsApp. Something known as “Agree and continue” will appear; tap on it once and a list of options is going to be on the screen. Just choose your residence country from there.
  8. Now simply look at phone number which is active in the Phone Number zone; we recommend you to enter one which is different to the usual number you use.
  9. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Another operation you need to perform is as follows: wait until you will receive a verification number and then close the BlueStacks app on the laptop. Go to the WhatsApp on the tablet, open it and tap on Accept.
  10. You are now required to opt for the code of the country you live in. You must use the same number previously used with BlueStacks application (the one we talked about in the previous paragraph).
  11. Should SMS Verification Error come on the display of the tablet, don’t panic; you should choose Call Me. This check the WhatsApp application using your phone for that and then you need to wait for a second error message to appear; when it does: tap on Options and opt for Enter Code.
  12. What to do now? Easy: enter the verification number we mentioned earlier and you’ll get the chance to finally use WhatsApp on your personal Google Nexus 7 WiFi.

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