Install XXBMJ1 Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 Official Firmware on Galaxy S Duos S7562

Galaxy S Duos S7562 will have it going even better than now if an upgrade is performed on it. And with the help of this guide, it will!

After going through many different custom ROMs and whatnot, we realized that the best one for your smartphone is the one which has this name: XXBMJ1 Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich official firmware. You will agree with us after we tell you what this particular tool is famous for.

The firmware we wish to dump on your handset is popular thanks to the fact that it is imbued, by its creator, with many offerings, among which tweaks that make the phone’s battery unit last more, options to use a completely personalized device, a more complex performance, new apps to discover, new features and the list is open. Even if this firmware was made for Europe, you can still have it on your phone no matter what continent you live in.


The guide here can only turn out the expected results if you look at the following requirements first and foremost:

  • use a factory unlocked Galaxy S Duos S7562;
  • should your phone’s battery need a full charge, do it;
  • make a backup (or many, via these tips);
  • install, on your PC or notebook, USB drivers for this handset, from here;
  • turn USB Debugging on;
  • root your device after you complete our tutorial.Galaxy-S-Duos-S7562


This is the moment that you’ve all been waiting for: the steps toward a smooth and successful update. Should you think our guide is difficult to follow, we assure you it’s not. Just pay attention to what you’ll read below and everything will be fine. So off we go!

  1. Prepare your PC or your laptop for the following files: the  official firmware and Odin tool 1.85 from here. Save them both on the desktop and then unzip the first one. Move on with these tasks after you are done with the previous one: power the handset off.
  2. Make sure you then boot the handset into Download Mode by looking at these instructions: press and simultaneously hold Volume Up and Down; now be sure to press Power only and wait for your phone to vibrate, then press Power a second time to wrap up on this step.
  3. Turn, next, to your laptop or comp; open the Odin on it and proceed to the plugging of your handset to the notebook. You should now expect something like “Added!!” and an ID:COM box in yellow; if not, then we suggest you either flash the USB drivers again or use another USB port.
  4. Now on to some files you need to choose. So do it like this: click on PDA, opt for a file that comes with CODE in the name, then tap Phone, choose a file that sports a MODEM in its given name, click on CSC, opt for a file which comes with CSC in the name, tap PIT and finish by opting for a .pit file.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Then, when you’ve completed this part, here comes another one: opt for the boxes named Auto Reboot, Repartition and F. Reset Time (if you didn’t choose the file with the .pit extension, don’t check the second box).
  6. Tap on “Start” next, then you should wait until the flashing of the upgrade firmware begins. Once a couple of minutes have gone by (be sure it’s not more than 15 minutes), you should wait till the device restarts; when its home screen is spotted, you can disconnect the Galaxy S Duos S7562 from the laptop and go to “Settings“. From there, opt for “About Phone” and you will see the Android 4.0.4 XXBMJ1 firmware.

Once you spot this tool, launch it and make the most out of this gem! Start by enjoying its new features and from there on try out its other advantages.