Kobo release Arc, Glo and Mini eReaders

Kobo is one of the companies that didn’t waste time while everybody was busy releasing new stuff. They secretly worked on something that turned out to actually be mini eReaders. Here they are.

The first in the batch is the manufacturer’s Arc model. First off, the price for this version is $199.99-$249.99 ($199.99 for the 8GB model, $249.99 for the 16GB one).

Second of all, the list of specs included on the Kobo Arc is as follows: a 7″ touchscreen with 1280 x 800 pixels of resolution, the Android 4.0. Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, 1GB of RAM, 8 or 16GB of internal data storage, a 1.5GHz dual core OMAP 4470 CPU and a 1.3MP camera. This device has a weight of 364g. Connectivity means a microUSB. The colors that are available with this model are Black Night, Blue Moon, Pink Sunset and Silver Star available. Internet connectivity is offered via Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi. The battery is rumored to last for 10 hours.

The next Kobo model that was released is the Glo. This version can be bought with $129.99.


Kobo Arc, Glo and Mini e-readers

There are 24 sizes available for this model. Also, the colors you can buy it in are 7 in total. The specs are these: a 6″ E Ink touchscreen, a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, a technology called Comfortlight, 2GB storage capacity (that can be turned into 32GG via a micro SD card), a 1GHz CPU, a battery and that’s about all that has been known until now. The available hues for the Glo model are Blue Moon, Black Night, Pink Sunset and Silver Star (there is also a number of 16 greyscale levels).

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The battery is said to last for about 57 hours if the device has its light on (if not, the battery will supposedly last for 1 month). Connectivity is possible through one microUSB. This product weighs 185g and is capable of including a total of 1,000 eBooks. The front light that is used here helps the user avoid eye problems if he wants to use the Glo with the lights turned off. The display is offered protection like this, too.

Finally, the Mini model is, like its name says, the smallest in the group. It comes in 7 fonts and costs $79.99. It is available in 24 sizes, too, and in black or white with 3 color variations: teal, ruby red and also purple. The specifications read as follows: 2GB storage capacity, a 5″ E Ink display and a 800MHz processor. Weight is 134g. A microUSB port offers all the connectivity the user wants. There are 16 greyscale levels. The life of the battery seems to be 2 weeks and the device can offer up to 1,000 eBooks. Wi-Fi is also available.

The Kobo Arc, Glo and Mini will be sold in the following countries: the US, New Zealand, Australia and Canada starting from next month. Other European countries will be announced when the time comes.