How to Root Galaxy Y TV GT-S5367

It’s your Galaxy Y TV GT-S5367’s turn to be rooted. The procedure gets help from this great app: SRSRoot. Your smartphone has to go through several crucial steps to have this tool installed. We are here to deliver all of them!

If you cannot wait till your handset is rooted, we’re here to speed up the process. This app is the method we will use to do just that. You need only pay attention to our steps below.

Your Samsung GT-S5367 is looking forward to many options, tweaks and other new goodies. With the SRSRoot on-board, you will have a faster CPU and plenty of ways to improve your device’s battery life. Android 2.3.6, the version pre-installed on your phone, will stay where it is. That’s because the rooting software we deliver is working with all the Android variants released until now.

The benefits of this method

If that software is flashed on the phone, you’ll have superuser and also admin permission. You will be able to enjoy new features, root-only applications and custom ROMs. The handset won’t have customization issues since the rooting app comes with many options to do it.

Besides all of these novelties, your phone is going to keep its internal and external SD cards as well as its root access if you ever upgrade it. The update will not mess up with your handset’s other content. However, the warranty will surely be gone by the time you root your smartphone. If updated, your phone’s system partition shall quickly be erased.

The SRSRoot is powered by the SRS Server. It supports many brands and Build IDs. The one we chose for your handset is GINGERBREAD.VJLJ1.Galaxy-Y-TV-GT-S5367


To end up with root access on your Galaxy Y S5367, you need to stick to the steps we prepared for your phone. You should only perform them if you’re done with these pre-requisites:

  • you need to take care of the data on your phone by creating a backup (or more than one);
  • your smartphone needs a full NANDroid backup after the standard one is performed;
  • USB Debugging must be turned on;
  • your Galaxy Y TV GT-S5367 has a battery which must be fully charged;
  • find USB drivers for the phone on this website and download them on your notebook;
  • the security software flashed on your phone has to be disabled for our tutorial;
  • turn off, on the laptop, the security programs it arrives with;
  • make sure you have Windows pre-installed on the laptop you’re working with.

Step by step instructions

Your smartphone has to proceed to these step by step instructions now. Your notebook has to contain the SRSRoot app.

  1. For this to happen, download it from this page; using this address will make sure you get an app free of security problems. When you’re on the site we mentioned, you need to click on a download button which you’ll spot on it.
  2. Once the software gets featured on your laptop, you have to get it installed. After that, move on by opening the app on the notebook.
  3. You can then continue with the following step: on your phone turn on Menu, then Settings and after that enable Unknown Sources.
  4. Your phone must have USB Debugging turned on, too. If this option is enabled already, be sure to do as follows: have both your handset and laptop connected to one another.
  5. This is the right way to do it: take the phone’s USB cord and plug the two together. If there’s a connection going on between the two products, then do this: tap Root Device (All Methods).
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Once the option we mentioned is clicked on like that, you should go ahead and wait until the new SRSRoot app is flashed on the Galaxy Y TV GT-S5367.
  7. As soon as the installation of the software is over, you’ll be asked to restart the smartphone. If you’re done with this step, too, then simply go and enjoy what the rooting offers.

All of the goodies we discussed earlier are now available for your handset. Use them one by one and see whether or not you like them.

If you think the rooting isn’t necessary anymore, then use the same tool to strip the phone of its full access.

When you go through problems during the procedure, you can always make use of the comment box below our guide.