How to Root LG myTouch Q C800

It’s high time you thought about rooting your own LG myTouch Q C800. If you have thought about it but you never found the right guide, we’re offering one here. By following it, you have the opportunity to end up with more new stuff for your phone!

Our tutorial uses the following rooting material: SRSRoot. This tool is a dedicated app and it will work great with your LG myTouch Q C800. In fact, this software can work with many brands.

Your smartphone’s date of release is 2011. It features, among others, these important specs: Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread and 1 GHz Scorpion as its CPU. Another name it goes by is LG Maxx QWERTY. As soon as the rooting is completed, the OS will stay where it is. That’s due to the following fact: the SRSRoot functions with all of the Android OS versions available so far. Also, the CPU will deliver faster speeds when the procedure’s over.

The benefits of this procedure

GRJ22 is the name of the Build ID we used for your handset’s rooting. You can always select another Build ID to use; this software lets you do that. This app also offers many new possibilities thanks to its goodies. Which feature a wide selection of customization tweaks and root-only app. By sporting root access, your phone will contain custom ROMs and better battery life.LG-myTouch-Q-C800

Other novelties include new features. The SRSRoot is powered by an SRS Server. This dedicated app offers superuser and admin permission, too. In order to revoke root access from your smartphone, you can make use of the same dedicated app. Which, by the way, is free of bloatware. It’s also free of bloatware.

If you want to go for an update after you’re done with the rooting, you should know something. The upgrade revokes root access and it deleted the phone’s system partition. Thankfully, it doesn’t mess with the device’s data or internal / external SD cards. A rooting will revoke the warranty from your smartphone, though.


Before you embark on the rooting boat, you have to go along with these requirements:

Step by step instructions

  1. The main thing to do now: download the necessary SRSRoot app from here on your notebook. After you get to the page you need to be on, click on a download button that should pop up there.
  2. Install the software on the laptop. After you’re done, open it and click on Unknown Sources. The latter is a particular option that’s under Settings.
  3. Once you’ve found it and then activated it, go to USB Debugging. Click on it, too. Our pre-requisites have already told you to turn it; so if you have, don’t perform this step.
  4. Instead, perform another one. Which goes like this: plug the phone to your notebook. The plugging is a process that has to be done with the handset’s USB cable. So grab it and establish a connection with it.
  5. When the devices are plugged correctly, tap Root Device (All Methods). After this option gets activated, the phone will go through a rooting phase at last.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The procedure is going to end in not more than 10-15 minutes. You may experience a delay here; if you do, a good method of solving things is this: repeat the steps.
  7. If the rooting has gone well, however, you have to move on to the last step. For it, click on Reboot System Now. Once you do that, the LG myTouch Q C800 will begin to restart on its own. After this is over, you will get to use a rooted smartphone.

Having just acquired root access, your LG C800 is ready to deliver all the promised goodies. Have a taste of them now. If they leave you disappointed, you have the possibility to unroot your device.

If you have questions for us, use the comment box below.