Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming with nine new sensors

Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to feature nine new sensors. Every single one of them is created with a certain purpose in mind. Some of them are the usual sensors you would expect to see on a Samsung smartphone. But then there are some which you won’t see on other handsets. The most important ones are called Gesture Sensor, Proximity Sensor and RGB Sensor.

The Gesture Sensor, the Proximity one and the RGB Sensor differ from each other. The latter, for instance, retains some of the usual adjustment for brightness option found on the previous Samsung Galaxy model. What it brings new is something called Adapt Display; this feature is able to fine-tune the phone’s touchscreen by measuring how intense blue, green and red light are. The Gesture Sensor, on the other hand, lets you use hand gestures for scrolling Internet pages and so on.Samsung-Galaxy-S4

Now for the other sensors which are more unusual. We have a Humidity/Temperature Sensor and a Barometer Sensor.
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The first of them uses S Health Screen of the Galaxy S4 to show the best comfort levels for the owner of the smartphone. This sensor does all of that like this: it sends info back to the S Health suite via a hole on the handset’s bottom. The Barometer Sensor is also supported by the S Health application. Here is what it can do: it is able to tell you what altitude you are at while running, for instance; this sensor then sends data to the app we mentioned so that you know the number of calories you burn while performing a physical activity.

Then on the new Galaxy S4 we have Air View. This fellow is not a sensor per se, but a piece of technology. It quickly senses whether or not one of your fingers is in close proximity to the phone’s display. It does that by measuring electrical voltages. With the Air View technology you can easily read e-mails, SMS and such by resting one of your fingers over the device’s touchscreen.