How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001

After doing a bit of research here at, we came to the conclusion that Samsung’s Galaxy S Plus I9001 is the kind of smartphone which would do with an unrooting method as soon as possible.

We say this because there have been many consumers who wanted to know how to perform this operation after rooting the handset and seeing that they didn’t get much out of it. Or the same consumers wanted to get the warranty back. Or they simply wished their phone would act the way it did before the rooting procedure started.

So, if you’ve used our tutorial on how to root the Galaxy S Plus I9001, then you’re the perfect candidate for our guide on how to unroot it. You should also make sure to have a fully charged battery and installed on it beforehand.

Taking that into consideration, we think you’re now prepared to unroot your Galaxy S Plus I9001. But how? By following the steps underneath. Perform all of them exactly how they are laid out. Galaxy-S-Plus-i9100

Important instructions

  1. Step one will ask this of you: move the Unrooting pack into a dedicated folder that must be on your laptop. This action is followed by you plugging the handset into the comp (this requires the USB cable that’s in the box shipping with the smartphone).
  2. Step number two has the following in store: take the Unrooting Package file and move it to the phone’s internal memory card directory. Once the transfer is nearly ended, prepare to unplug the gadgets from one another for the next step.
  3. The third step needs the user to tap the key normally used for Power and thus switch the handset off. This will make it possible to move on to the next action which sounds like this: use Volume UP and Power to restart the device and to also get access to the Recovery mode in a quick manner.
  4. Step number four wants you to find the button labeled Menu the second a box logo comes on the device’s display; when you locate that key, tap on it and opt for Apply update from sdcard when you reach the recovery menu. Now it’s advised to select, with the aid of the key for Home, the Unrooting Pack file which you had to downloaded a short while back.
  5. Step number five, which is the last one, needs you to read this: the action in the previous step is going to send the phone into an unrooting phase. When the Galaxy S Plus I9001 finishes this kind of process, you need to choose the option that is called Reboot system now using the the recovery menu.

Your Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 is finally unrooted.