Update Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 to Jelly Bean 4.1.1 using SGH-T999 firmware

Google’s official Android 4.1.1 ROM has not yet been launched. But if you want to see what it can offer, you can. How? With the help of firmware called SGH-T999. Which is very handy and yields great results.

This method came from the talented mind of myn, who is a member of popular XDA Developers forum. It was leaked on the Internet not too long ago, much to the delight of impatient users of the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 smartphone. Its creator made it pre-rooted. This means that the owner of the above mentioned phone is perfectly able to use exclusive apps offered by T-Mobile.


Grabbing this upgrade is attainable if you follow certain steps. That we describe below. But, before lending a helping hand with the process, we must tell you that you should only use the firmware on Galaxy SPH-L710. Never on another model, because it will be the death of it and you don’t want that.Samsung-Galaxy-S3-L710

To make sure that you have everything you need for the update, look at the following requirements. Your Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 needs to boast ClockworkMod Recovery. And it should have gone through a rooting process.

If it didn’t and there’s no ClockworkMod Recovery on it, the Internet has a solution to everything. Then create a backup of the things you think are crucial for later use. After this see if the battery is charged to its fullest. Finally, get the to your phone in the ported version.

And so you can finally follow these steps to get the SGH-T999 firmware to your Galaxy S3 L710. Pay attention to them.

Important instructions

  1. First step: copy the to the internal memory card of the device, then turn it off.
  2. For step 2 you have to boot the smartphone into ClockworkMod Recovery by just choosing and touching down, in the same time, the Volume Up, Home and Power keys.
  3. The third step is to make a NANDroid data backup of the phone’s original ROM by choosing Backup and Restore; you will see a screen: opt for Backup.
  4. Step 4: once the backup phase is over, return to the recovery menu.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]In step 5 you need to opt for Factory reset/Clear data. A screen is going to appear; once it does, choose the option labeled Yes. This action is a confirmation of the data wipe.
  6. For the sixth step you have to choose the installation using the phone SD card.
  7. Step 7: select the ZIP file using the SD card location.
  8. The following step asks you to look for Jelly Bean archive file. When you find it, choose it.
  9. The confirmation of its installation process is achieved in step 9 by choosing Yes.
  10. What comes next is the tenth step, where you have to return, with the help of the Go back option, to the phone’s recovery menu.
  11. The final step, number 11, instructs us to restart the entire system once again. This one is done so that the device goes into a rebooting phase.

Which will complete the installation of the SGH-T999 firmware on Samsung’s Galaxy S3 SPH-L710.