Update Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5110 to MoKee Jelly Bean 4.3.1 Custom ROM

Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5110 is very close to getting a make-over via Android 4.3.1 MoKee Jelly Bean custom firmware. The update file we have for you today is going to bring a lot of unexpected and great new features, various customization possibilities, a better battery, a superb performance and so on.

The tool we included in this tutorial is the kind which does an apt job of keeping your handset fast, stable and bug-free.


Our guide will have to begin with some requirements. Here are all of them:

  • the tablet must be rooted in order to enjoy the update accordingly;
  • you should also take care to install the gadget with a custom recovery image after the rooting phase is over;
  • turn on USB Debugging;
  • the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5110 must be the factory unlocked one;
  • charge the device’s battery;
  • create lots of backups to keep the data on your tablet after the update ends;
  • flash USB drivers for your tablet on your notebook.Galaxy-Tab-2-10.1-P5110


Your tasks are now about to start. Following them will deliver the update you so crave.

  1. Begin the tutorial by downloading together (file name: gapps-jb43-20130726-signed.zip) on your laptop, then, as usual, plug the devices to each other and transfer the two packages from the laptop to your tablet’s SD card root.
  2. From here on, be sure to power the gadget off, unplug it from your laptop and then enter the tablet in Recovery Mode; you should follow these instructions to do the latter: power your Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5110 on while pressing, at the same time, Volume Down and Power.
  3. Wait to land in the Recovery Mode and then, after the device is there, you should do this: choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data. After the gadget goes through a full data wipe process, you need to opt for Wipe Cache Partition and witness your tablet operate a cache wipe.
  4. Next, be careful to do the following: wipe the device’s Dalvik cache by choosing, from the Recovery, the option called Advanced and then the one labelled Wipe Dalvik Cache.
  5. Your next couple of moves are the following: return to the tablet’s Recovery screen, opt for Install zip from SD card and then Choose zip from SD card.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The following step will need this from you: with the help of the keys for Volume, you have to go to the new Jelly Bean custom ROM archive, choose it with Power and afterwards confirm its flashing on the tablet. In a matter of seconds, the installation shall begin. So wait until this happens.
  7. Then, when the file is on the gadget, it’s time to turn to the Gapps and flash it on the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5110, too. Like instructed here: redo the steps which installed the Android 4.3.1 ROM. Great, now both packages are part of your tablet. So go to +++Go Back+++.
  8. Then follow these guidelines: go to Recovery Menu and, from there, restart your device. This is going to make sure that your tablet reboots into the right upgrade file. Have fun with it once the restart is done!