Update LG Nexus 4 E960 to SlimKat Android 4.4 Alpha custom ROM

SlimKat Android 4.4 Alpha custom ROM is the firmware that will play the lead role in the update of Nexus 4 E960. It doesn’t take a lot to get this custom tool running on your smartphone. You will see what we mean in an instant.

Your handset has finally found the most appropriate custom ROM to upgrade it to the newest Android OS, which is the 4.4 version.

We will help you with this update via some steps that even newbies can follow. If you follow this tutorial as instructed, you can enjoy your device in a whole new and enhanced form. A form that is possible thanks to the many things which come with the new KitKat 4.4 custom ROM.

You will find yourself with a lot to take in after the update file has sunk in. But not that many to make you confused. Some of the really good stuff to revel in: a much better performing battery, new apps, options to customize your device, new features, custom ROMs to download and use, a great performance and loads more.


To have all of the stuff detailed above, it’s indicated to make a short stop right now and observe these pre-requisites:


When all of the above has been performed as instructed, you have to prepare for the upcoming update steps. Begin with the first one.

  1. According to it, you will need to open your notebook and download, on it, these files: (file name: Slim_AIO_gapps.4.4.alpha.1.3) and the . If the packages are downloaded on your device, make sure you save them and then plug the handset to the laptop.
  2. As soon as a connection exists between your device, you need to do this: copy + paste the Gapps and the update file from the notebook to the SD card root of your LG Nexus 4 E960, then unplug the devices from one another.
  3. Next up: enter the smartphone in Recovery Mode, but not before you switch the device off first. If you did not create a NANDroid backup like we instructed, do it now.
  4. To make that backup, we ask you to opt for Backup & Restore, back the update file up and that’s all. Now apply a factory reset by choosing Factory Reset/Wipe Data and then confirm.
  5. To make the installation go smoothly, you need to first opt for Install zip from SD card; continue with this next action: select Choose zip from SD card, go to the update file and confirm the latter’s flashing.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]If this firmware is installed, you have to also flash the Google Apps, so redo the steps which flashed the SlimKat Android 4.4 Alpha custom ROM. Then go back to the Recovery Menu.
  7. You will now have to move on by doing as follows: opt for Reboot System Now. Your E960 is going to restart in normal mode, so wait until that happens.
  8. When the device will display a Home Screen, you will need to open your Gmail; then type in your personal info. Now you can enjoy all the pros that only an update can bring.

Should your Nexus 4 E960 take long to boot in the normal mode (or not boot at all), here’s what you should do: redo the guide.