Update Sony Xperia Z to eXistenZ custom ROM

Sony Xperia Z can have a go at new possibilities thanks to a custom ROM known, among developers, as eXistenZ. The firmware is not hard to flash on your smartphone. That’s because we found the easiest steps to follow for this procedure. Follow our guide and see how it’s done.

Sony’s Xperia Z is a rugged handset. The main attractive points are its dust and water-resistant qualities, specs and performance. Even so, this already great performance can be enhanced with the eXistenZ ROM.

So make sure you stick around to find out how to install the tool on your device. The advantages of this ROM mean the possibility to manage calls, have a very pleasant user experience, enjoy a slide show of your rich media messages and many other neat options to choose from.


The best way to enjoy all of the above and more is by taking a look at our tutorial. But for now, let’s concentrate on what requirements to follow.

Here are the most important ones: root your handset and get a custom recovery image flashed on it, create a backup that must include the data which is very important to you, synchronize Contacts with your own Gmail account, use the model that is bootloader unlocked, charge the smartphone’s battery and flash the new Sony 10.1.A.434. To root the phone, you need to use a tool called Bin4ry, which you can find online.Sony-Xperia-Z

How to flash eXistenZ ROM on Xperia Z

That was all you had to do before finding out how to install the eXistenZ on your Sony Xperia Z. Now comes the part where we teach you what to do to get the tool on your smartphone. Pay attention to everything we are about to write here.

  1. First instruction: make sure your phone is powered off.
  2. Second guideline: enter the device into Recovery Mode; this will only happen if you press and simultaneously hold down Volume Up and Power.
  3. As soon as you are in the Recovery Mode, you have to perform a NANDroid backup of the ROM that is on your Sony Xperia Z this very moment. Here are the steps for achieving that: opt for Backup&Restore, choose Backup and that’s it; in case your custom recovery image is TeamWin Recovery Project, you should operate a NANDroid backup by choosing Backup and then sliding a blue key.
  4. When the NANDroid backup is complete, you need to and then transfer the zip file from the laptop you saved it on to the SD card root of the smartphone.
  5. Once the transfer part is over, you should power the phone again and then reboot it into Recovery Mode by holding down these keys at the same time: Volume Down and Power.
  6. Now you have to perform some wiping tasks that will have to begin like this: choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data, confirm the action, return to the Recovery Menu, opt for Wipe Cache Partition, confirm this as well and end by opting for Wipe Dalvik Cache which you also need to confirm.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]After all three tasks are done with, you need to choose Go Back, an action which shall take you back to the Main Menu of your Sony Xperia Z.
  8. When you are there, you have to choose Install zip from SD card; after that opt for Choose zip from SD card. Select the eXistenZ ROM zip file and wait for it to be installed on your phone.
  9. Choose, after the flashing ends, the option Go Back. Now opt for the phone’s restarting option. The handset is going to boot into the eXistenZ custom ROM and our guide will be over.

  • Brandon

    I think the official developers of Sony should take a look at this ROM. It is far away better that their default solution. It’s even more stable that the stock ROM… Thank you for this suggestion guys!