Backup and Restore your Android Device with ClockWorkMod Recovery

In order to avoid all sorts of unwanted instances after you root an Android smartphone, you will have to get a custom recovery image on it. You can choose from many options, but we think that ClockworkMod Recovery is the better of the bunch. You should try it yourself if you don’t believe us.

The post today is bent on telling you how to correctly and successfully backup and restore your smartphone with the help of CWM Recovery.


Among the most important requirements you should consider if you want the whole procedure to go well are the following: download the ClockworkMod Recovery file. And that’s it. Everything from here onward will be very easy to perform. You just need to pay extra attention.

The following tutorial includes every single step that is needed for a successful backing up and restoring of your Android device via CWM Recovery. Read them with your utmost power of

Important instructions

  1. The first step to grace this guide is the following: root the phone you use with the help of one of our earlier “How to” posts. When you are done with that, you need to see whether or not your handset can function well with ClockworkMod Recovery on it; in other words: look online if the phone in your hands can receive such a tool. If it can, then you should proceed to the next step.
  2. Which is the second on our list and contains the following instructions: direct yourself to Google Play. When you are there, do this: look for an app you’ll find named ROM Manager. Now .
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step number three asks you to open that app and then opt for “flash ClockworkMod Recovery”. All done with this? You are now required to choose the following option: Backup Current ROM. A set of instructions will appear and you will need to do as they say. Now reboot your handset.
  4. The fourth step on our list prompts you to wait till the backup finishes. Should all hell break loose if you wish to get a custom ROM, don’t panic; you need to restore the original stock ROM or any previously backed up firmware. How? Launch the app, then opt for Manage and Restore Backup. Once that done, choose Restore. After the booting from the previous step is done, your smartphone won’t lose its old operating system.

After your Android device is backed up and restored with ClockworkMod Recovery, you can easily perform maintenance tasks, create backups and many more exciting stuff to occupy your time.