Guide: Install AlienDroid ROM on Samsung Galaxy Nexus SCH-i515

One of the many creations thought about by all sorts of developers is meant for Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus SCH-i515 (Verizon version). This tool was baptized AlienDroid ROM; thanks to it, your smartphone is going to sport all sorts of custom ROMs and many other gems.

Not to mention that the overall performance will be much improved. We did some research and found this instrument to be free of bugs and other such problems.


You’re probably familiar with such a procedure, so you know that before anything happens you must keep in mind certain requirements that you must follow. Here is the set that applies to the Verizon Nexus SCH-i515: take a look at the battery to see if it needs a full recharge, , make as many backups as will keep you sane, flash a custom recovery image on your phone and check if the smartphone has its bootloader unlocked.Samsung-Galaxy-Nexus-I515

And that will do. What you are about to see below are all the steps which our tutorial for today is made of. Follow them and your Samsung Galaxy Nexus SCH-i515 will be installed with the AlienDroid ROM we keep talking about.

Important instructions

  1. The step that starts this guide says the following: move the AlienDroidV1-toro archive to the phone’s internal memory card. After the copying is over with, you need to turn the Verizon Nexus SCH-i515 off.
  2. For step two you will have to restart the device in your hand into ClockworkMod Recovery (which is the custom recovery image we talked about in the pre-requisites). The booting is achieved like this: select and keep pressed (at the same time) three buttons. Which are called Volume Down, Volume Up and Power. After that you are about to see Fastboot Mode booting; go to an option called Recovery with the help of Volume. Now opt for the latter by tapping on Power.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step three needs you to generate a full NANDroid backup using this guide or by choosing Backup&Restore and tapping on Backup. Next up: wipe your phone’s data in three ways: opt for Factory Reset/Wipe Data and choose Yes, select Wipe Cache Partition and tap on Yes and, finally, opt for Advanced, tap on Wipe Dalvik Cache and choose Yes.
  4. For step number four you are asked to opt for Install zip from SD card, select Choose zip from SD card, click on AlienDroidV1-toro archive and choose Yes.
  5. Step five is all about the following actions: opt for Go Back and then restart the entire system.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus SCH-i515 features, from this moment on, the AlienDroid ROM.