How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-M919V

Galaxy S4 SGH-M919V is destined for a rooting. To aim for this and achieve root access, allow us to help you with our tutorial. Tailored for your phone, the guide won’t make you suffer through the procedure. On the contrary. More below!

We recommend getting to know the instrument used for the rooting. This is an app, more precisely, and it’s freeware. The app works on numerous devices and it’s powered by an SRS Server.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-M919V has been around for 1 year now. Inside it are Android 4.2.2 JB and a quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A15 & quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 (among other things). They are safe from any sort of harm. In fact, the CPU will be improved thanks to the app; the OS will remain unaffected since the SRSRoot’s compatible with it and all the other versions. Also, you’ll have many ways to get the phone customized.Galaxy-S4-SGH-M919V

The advantages of this procedure

Do you want to do away with the root access? The SRSRoot has an answer to that question, too. The Build ID which helped us root the phone was JDQ39.M919VVLUAMG1. The app that roots your device accepts not only this ID, but various others, too. With it on the Samsung SGH-M919V, you will receive tweaks for battery life, as well; they’ll quickly make your handset into a longer lasting one.

Thanks to this new app, the smartphone is free of security problems. Its goodies include new features, custom ROMs and the following: superuser and admin permission. Root-only apps are featured; bloatware isn’t.

A rooting performed on your smartphone will strip it of its warranty. There’s good news, though: the warranty shall be back as soon as a guide for solving this problem is found and used. Should the phone require an update to the latest Android version, there are tutorials which help. But if you decide on one and the device is already rooted, the procedure will remove the root access. The system partition will be taken away, too. The internal / external SD cards and data, though, will not disappear.


Keep in mind that the rooting can debit after you complete these pre-requisites:

  • there are certain USB drivers that your laptop must contain, which is why you need to open this page;
  • download them from there, then flash them on the laptop;
  • the Galaxy S4 SGH-M919V has to feature a battery that’s charged fully;
  • backup the smartphone’s most important content to keep it safe if the rooting doesn’t end well;
  • we suggest generating a full NANDroid backup after regular backups are performed;
  • the operating system running on the laptop must be Windows (don’t use any other version);
  • your phone’s security programs will need to be deactivated;
  • same needs to happen to the security programs on your smartphone;
  • when done with the previous tasks, launch USB Debugging on the handset and turn it on.

Step by step instructions

An important thing to go through next is the actual rooting process.

  1. This will start as soon as you perform our first step. The latter needs this from the phone’s owner: to download and then install the SRSRoot on their laptop. The file is located on this page. Click on a download button when you open the address. After the file’s installed, launch it; this should happen on the same laptop.
  2. An option you must activate in order to move on is the one called Unknown Sources. It’s on your handset under Settings. If USB Debugging is yet to be activated, turn it on when you’re done with the previous step.
  3. There’s something else you should do next. More exactly: operate a connection between the phone and your laptop.
  4. To go about this stage in our tutorial, make good use of the smartphone’s USB cord. Once you use it, the devices will successfully enter a connection. At the end of this part, you’ll have to consider the rooting.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]In other words, you will have to start it. The handset has a Root Device (All Methods) option for cases such as this. All you need to do is tap this option. 10-15 minutes will be required for the procedure to end.
  6. Should the rooting never end at all, or take too much, redo the steps. After everything is completed, the phone will need to restart. The option labelled Reboot System Now will enter your device in that mode.

If the phone’s completed this part, too, one thing remains: to enjoy the root access. If you have trouble doing that and an unrooting sounds appealing, unroot the device with the SRSRoot freeware.

The guide today also comes with a comment field. This section will come in handy in case you have trouble rooting the Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-M919V.