Update Galaxy Tab 3 Kids SM-T2105 to Android 4.1.2 ZHAMK4 Firmware

Have you ever wanted all the benefits of Android 4.1.2 on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids SM-T2105? Since ZHAMK4 official firmware was released last year in December for Hong Kong, why not install it on your tablet to experience the latest Android OS with our guide. Find out how below!

You should, before you update your Galaxy Tab 3 Kids, know that this tutorial works only with this model. If you own a different tablet, you shall brick it. Also, since the KIES logo on the new firmware isn’t turned on, you can only upgrade your gadget via our guide or OTA; for the latter, your tablet must come with a stock ROM.

The novelties

There’s every chance that your device will experience the following if it’s rooted and you wish to update it: its root access will be revoked and system partition is going to be deleted. The tablet’s internal and external SD cards as well as its important content will not be damaged.

For the next part we will present the novelties featured in the new firmware: group cast, sync and connect email updates, triple buffering all share, pop up play, extended Vsync timing, automatic adjustment for the size of widgets, Google Now, touch anticipation, mini apps, a fixed frame of 60 fps, free style widget and a new keyboard to use when looking stuff up online or sending SMS to friends.


If you want to have a go at all of these new things, you need to take a look at these pre-requisites:

  • don’t use a notebook that doesn’t have Windows on it;
  • if you notice poor battery life, charge the battery unit;
  • make two kinds of backups (a normal and a full NANDroid one, made with this guide);
  • make sure the laptop’s and tablet’s security software is not running during the guide;
  • enable, on your Samsung T2105, the option called USB Debugging;
  • after you find suitable USB drivers for your tablet, download them on your laptop.Galaxy-Tab-3-Kids-SM-T2105


  1. Be prepared to perform these actions for the first step: once Odin tool (available here) and the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 ZHAMK4 (you will find the Hong Kong version ) are downloaded and saved on the notebook, you need to extract them (with WinZip or WinRar) and afterwards enter the tablet in Download Mode.
  2. In order to effectively do that, make sure you press and hold, at the same time, Volume Down and Power, then press Volume Up when a warning display pops up.
  3. Open the Odin on your notebook as an Admin, then take the USB cable of your Samsung SM-T2105 to create a connection between it and the laptop.
  4. As soon as the two devices are plugged to one another the right way, you should wait until the Odin searches for the tablet. After it finds it, you will be welcomed by a yellow ID:COM and a message saying “Added!!“.
  5. If the connection hasn’t been successful, we urge you to select one of these options: flash the USB drivers a second time or use another USB port.
  6. If you didn’t run into trouble with this step, you should do this: tap BL, select a file with BL in the name, click on AP, opt for a file with AP in the name, tap CP, opt for a file with CP in its name, tap CSC, choose a file which has CSC in the name, tap PIT and choose a file with an extension called .pit.
  7. When done with these actions, here’s what comes next: check F. Reset Time, Auto Reboot and Re-partition. If they’re activated, click on “Start” and the installation of the new Android 4.1.2 ZHAMK4 stock firmware will commence in a matter of seconds.
  8. When it’s all done, the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids SM-T2105 is going to restart and after that it shall bring this message on-screen: “Pass”.
  9. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The last step you must follow: unplug the tablet from your laptop, go to Settings, tap About Tablet and locate the new firmware. Do you like it? Great!

If you don’t, however, there’s a way to bring the previous ROM back on the gadget: the NANDroid backup file. Use it to revoke the upgrade process.

Is there something you don’t understand about the update or you want to report problems? The comment section below is here for you. Use it and we will give a helping hand!