Update LG Optimus LTE SU640 to Android 4.2.2 via CM10.1 Nightly ROM

Our wish for today is to address all of our readers who own LG Optimus LTE SU640. Here is why: we came with a tutorial on how to update it to Android 4.2.2 via CM10.1 Nightly ROM.

And, as is the case in all of our guides, we put special emphasis on requirements and steps to get this update.


But for now, we should say that this tool might annoy you with various problems. They won’t threaten your phone that much, though.

Here are our pre-requisites: use a smartphone that has CWM or TWRP installed on it), turn on USB Debugging, see if the battery is dried out and charge it if it is, create a backup (along with a NANDroid one), use an Optimus LTE SU640 that has its bootloader unlocked and install the right USB Drivers for this model on your laptop. The phone must be carrier unlocked too.LG-Optimus-SU640

Now on to the steps which will update your handset to the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

Important instructions

  1. Download, for the first of them, these two files on your comp: and Google Apps, from here (you must choose the file labelled gapps-jb-20130301-signed archive).
  2. For step number two you should plug the phone to the laptop, then move both of the files from the previous step to the handset’s SD card root.
  3. Unplug the Optimus LTE SU640 from your laptop.
  4. Step four sounds like this: switch the smartphone off and boot it into Recovery Mode. Now opt for Factory Reset/Wipe Data, choose Yes and have patience for a wiping task to end.
  5. For the fifth step you need to choose Wipe Cache Partition and then Wipe Dalvik Cache once you’re back in the Recovery Main Menu. Then opt for the installation of the archive via the memory card.
  6. Step six: select Choose zip from SD card and find the CM10.1 Nightly ROM file.
  7. When you’ve found it, step seven will tell you to opt for it via Power and then confirm this action. To install the gapps-jb-20130301-signed.zip, you have to proceed like you did in the sixth step from the “find the” part (be careful to change the CM10.1 with the Google Apps one we mentioned).
  8. Step eight will ask you this: return to the Main Recovery Menu, opt for the phone restarting and then wait for the update to happen.

If, by any means, you’ve run into trouble, then do as follows:

  • in the case of a Status 7 error, you should install on the phone a compatible kernel before you flash the ROM;
  • [sc name=”banner-jos”]if the phone experiences any infinite boot loop problems, you need to perform Wipe Cache Partition and Wipe Dalvik Cache a couple more times. That needs to happen in the case of a Boot problem, too.

If you want to return to the ROM that was on your Optimus LTE SU640 before you updated it, then do this:

  • boot into Recovery first;
  • opt for Backup&Restore second;
  • look for the previous ROM in a list that will appear on the device’s display.

If everything went well, here is what to expect from the CM10.1 Nightly ROM: a theme manager, customized Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean experience, DSP Equalizer, lockscreen gestures, incognito mode, new camera app, Miracast display, no bloatware and so on.

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