XXUAMF5 Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Official Firmware on Galaxy S4 Active i9295

If you’re more on the “I want to update my smartphone manually” side when it comes to your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active i9295, our tutorial is aimed at you. To obtain that on your handset, you should use XXUAMF5, which is firmware meant for this model. Keep that in mind and don’t follow our guide in case your device is not the right one.

The XXUAMF5 is sure to update your smartphone to the fresh new Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean version, which is already installed with a wide array of features. The latter are going to improve the way your Galaxy S4 Active GT-i9295 performs whenever you use it. Which is reason enough to grab the update as soon as possible via this tutorial. What is more, the tool in question is not going to take the warranty away from your phone.


Our next plan for you includes these requirements: download (file name: I9295XXUAMF5_I9295OXXAMF4_NEE.zip) and Odin tool on your laptop from the Internet, charge the battery inside the smartphone, turn on USB Debugging, install USB drivers for your phone and then create backups via our instructions.

The USB Debugging should be turned on by doing as follows: go to the device’s Settings, tap on Applications, click on Development and choose the option that needs to be enabled. The battery must be fully charged because if it isn’t, you could face an unsuccessful tutorial along the way.galaxy-s4-active-i9295

Apart from these pre-requisites, we have all the steps which will land the update on your Galaxy S4 Active i9295. They are all very essential, so be sure to pay attention to what we are going to tell you below.

How to flash XXUAMF5 on Galaxy S4 Active

  1. The beginning task needs to happen this particular way: unzip the Odin tool and the XXUAMF5 rooting archive on your notebook with a tool that does that for you. After that is completed, you should be doing the following: launch the Odin on the same notebook and then switch the handset off.
  2. Enter your S4 Active GT-i9295 off. Then boot it into Download Mode by performing these actions: press and hold, at the same time, Volume Down, Home and Power, then wait for the logo of Android pops on the screen. Your device is in the Download Mode now.
  3. Now make sure you keep Odin launched; that’s because you will have to plug the smartphone to the laptop (this requires the USB cable of the Galaxy S4 Active i9295).
  4. After the handset and the PC are well-connected to one another (indicated by either “Added!!” or a yellow – or blue – ID:COM port number), you should tap PDA; but if the devices have not been plugged successfully, you need to use a different USB port or flash USB Drivers on your smartphone until the connection is established.
  5. After you use the PDA to opt for the XXUAMF5, you need to tap on START. Once you are done with that, have patience so that the firmware is flashed on your handset.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]After a few minutes have passed since that, you need to reboot the phone. And now the latter has the XXUAMF5 Jelly Bean 4.2.2 firmware in its “About phone” setting.

NOTE: The most notable issues that can affect your smartphone are the following: getting stuck in “Welcome” screen or experiencing a boot loop. The same solution that is used to solve those problems is this:

  • take the battery out of the Galaxy S4 Active i9295;
  • insert it back in;
  • repeat the guide;
  • enjoy the update firmware!