Install CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300

Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300 is as much deserving of a custom recovery image as any other model from this manufacturer.

That’s because it’s the only way to get the most out of this phone and have it feature a custom ROM (or several), tweaks, the possibility to backup its existing ROM and so on.

The benefits of having either TWRP or CWM Recovery on your device are very generous. You can try out all kinds of tools after you flash one of the examples we just mentioned.

For this phone in particular we chose the ClockworkMod Recovery tool. It’s the most popular one and the easiest custom recovery image you can use and accustom yourself to afterwards. If you feel prepared for our tutorial on how to install the CWM Recovery on the Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300, brace yourselves for various requirements as well as steps. We will tackle them below.


And we will start with the requirements. Which go like this: use a phone that is already rooted via one of our guides, download the ClockworkMod Recovery on it, then make a backup using this guide and charge the device’s battery so that you can avoid issues during the tutorial.Samsung-Galaxy-Pocket-GT-S5300

Following our speech on pre-requisites is our speech on different steps. They have a very well thought-out role: to flash the custom recovery image on your Pocket S5300 in a way that avoids problems and difficult actions. So here is how they sound like.

Important instructions

  1. First step in our tutorial tells you to take the CWM Recovery you just downloaded on your laptop and send it to its desktop. The second it’s in that place, you will have to plug the smartphone to the comp by employing the latter’s USB cable. As soon as the two products are in deep connection to one another, your next task looks like this: copy the Recovery file from its original location to the SD card of the Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300.
  2. Second step will ask the following of you: unplug the phone from the laptop at the end of the file transfer from earlier, then switch the handset off so that it’s easier to reboot it into a mode called Recovery. To help the phone enter it, all you have to do is this: press and simultaneously hold Home, Volume Up and Power.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]For a successful third step, you will have to perform a couple of actions that go like this: opt for Apply update from SD card; that needs to happen the second your phone reaches the Recovery Mode. Are you done with that? If yes, then you should think of doing the following: choose the Recovery archive. This way, the latter will be installed on the Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300 as soon as possible.
  4. Step number four will tell you that you need to wait a bit till the installation of the custom recovery image is completed. To find out if everything went well, you should have patience till a message comes on the phone’s display.
  5. Last step, the fifth, will prompt you to restart the Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300. Which will be installed with the ClockworkMod Recovery.