Update Galaxy S3 I9300 to ZSEMC1 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Official Firmware

Galaxy S3 I9300 has been waiting quite some time for an update to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. The wait has finally ended, thanks to ZSEMC1, an official firmware which can install that OS on your handset if you’re based in Hong Kong.

You don’t even have to do much to land that operating system on the S3 I9300; your two main tasks are the following: get in touch with our requirements and follow the steps which are going to bring the Android 4.1.2 on it.


As for the first task, here are the pre-requisites it comes it: make a backup of all the data on your smartphone using this tutorial, install ; you will also have to download Odin tool 3.07.zip on your laptop, turn on USB debugging on the handset, charge its battery should you notice the battery icon showing there’s not much left of it and go and find USB Drivers for the S3 GT-I9300 online; when you find them, download them on your laptop. Galaxy-S3-GT-i9300

After concluding your study of the requirements above, you have to turn your undivided attention to the steps below. They will help your Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 feature a much needed update from its older OS to a newer version. In this case: to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Here we go!

Important instructions

  1. For step one you have to start off like this: extract the two archives that are on your laptop from earlier. If you see something called .tar and then Odin3 tool 3.07.exe, then you’re good to go for the second step.
  2. The latter goes in the following manner: turn the phone off, then boot it into Download Mode. You can easily achieve that by pressing and holding, at the same time, the keys you use for Home, Volume Up and Power. The Galaxy S3 I9300 will soon power on; when that comes to be, you need to press Volume Up. Now the mode we talked about has just been achieved.
  3. Prepare for step three which says the following: use the USB cord of the smartphone to plug the latter to the comp on your desk. Now let some time pass before you spot an ID:COM icon go all yellow + “Added” on the display of the handset (should you run into an issue, just install the drivers once more).
  4. Step four needs you to click on Odin.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]For step number five your priority should be the following: opt for the .tar file from step one, then choose the options which say F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot if you observe they are unchecked; leave Repartition inactivated, then click on Start. The Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean will now begin to install on your phone.
  6. Step number six shall ask you to see if there’s a message saying PASS on the device’s touchscreen; if yes, then you need to unplug the devices from one another for step seven.
  7. The Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 is going to boot on its own. Which is a sign that everything went in the best way possible. The handset has finally received a much needed update to a new Android version due to the ZSEMC1 firmware.