How to Root Samsung Galaxy Stellar 4G SCH-I200

It’s high time your Verizon’s Galaxy Stellar 4G SCH-I200 got rooted. For that to smoothly happen, you need a dedicated app. Such a tool is dealt with below. Grab it for your smartphone by looking into this tutorial!

What’s great about the rooting software we’re using today is that it’s full of ways to improve your phone. On top of that, this tool is free of charge. Its name is SRSRoot and it accepts various Build IDs, operating systems and so on.

Speaking of Build IDs: we worked with IMM76D.I200VRALG4 for your handset. As previously stated, the SRSRoot is compatible with a wide number of such IDs. Launched 2 years ago, your handset’s also known as Samsung SCH-I200 and Samsung Jasper.Galaxy-Stellar-4G-SCH-I200

The benefits of this method

Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich is what your phone’s using as an OS. Don’t worry that the rooting will damage it; it won’t. The SRSRoot is also compatible with many different devices. A dual-core 1.2 GHz Krait has been inserted into the phone. With this software installed, the processor’s speed will be boosted.

An SRS Server helps power the SRSRoot dedicated app. It is fully capable of helping the smartphone’s battery get better. The phone will get to feel what it’s like to contain new stuff such as superuser and admin permission. With the SRSRoot, the device will also get to see what root-only apps can do.

From the moment your phone’s rooted, it will have the possibility to attain custom ROMs. Root access equals new features and customization options, too. Stuff such as unwanted programs or apps or other stuff like that will stay away from the phone. The same goes for viruses and other security problems. New features are also delivered.

A rooting performed on a gadget is a two-way procedure. On the one hand you get all of these goodies, but on the other hand you also have issues to deal with. Especially if there’s an update involved. So, if you choose to upgrade the Galaxy Stellar SCH-I200, some cons will happen.

An update erases your phone’s system partition. Another consequence is this: the root access is taken away. The upgrade will not damage important data, internal / external SD cards or other things of great importance. A rooting, however, has a bad side: it revokes the warranty. What you can do to retrieve it is this: find a suitable guide for your device that’ll tell you what to do in such a situation.


To adjust to the process, your smartphone has to pass some pre-requisites. Which advise you to do as follows:

  • turn off the phone’s security methods;
  • protect, through several regular backups, the phone’s content;
  • the handset must also go though the creation of a full NANDroid backup (perform this via these steps);
  • charge the Galaxy Stellar 4G SCH-I200;
  • then check to make sure that your laptop’s running Windows;
  • your laptop’s going to require some USB drivers, so get them installed on it from this page;
  • turn off the laptop’s security programs.

Step by step instructions

Your Samsung Galaxy Stellar 4G SCH-I200 has to experience some rooting steps next. Go ahead and use them to end up with root access.

  1. Start by downloading the SRSRoot on the laptop. The software will be waiting for you on this particular page; don’t download the app from another address.
  2. Then, once the application has found its way on your laptop, make sure it’s installed on this device.
  3. The app should then be opened on the laptop. You will then be asked to do this: activate an option called Unknown Sources.
  4. The location of the latter is easy to come upon; after you check Settings on the handset, you need to look under it. Upon finishing this step, enable the following option: USB Debugging.
  5. Should you have already completed this action, you have to plug the handset to your laptop. Which is done through the help of this instrument: the smartphone’s USB cable.
  6. To be able to commence the phone’s rooting, you will be required to tap a certain option. This is it: Root Device (All Methods). Now be sure to let the procedure end on its own.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The rooting of your Galaxy Stellar 4G SCH-I200 will be over soon. If you don’t see anything going on for about 15 minutes, you’d better repeat the guide’s steps.
  8. Your last step to perform is this: once the rooting’s over, restart the smartphone. Complete this step by tapping Reboot System Now.

If the rebooting’s done already, you will get to use the rooting goodies we talked to you about. When you grow tired of the root access and its novelties, the SRSRoot will help unroot your device.

Under this tutorial you’ll see a comment section. You can use it if you have issues while performing our guide.