How to Unroot Motorola Droid Pro

One way to get back in touch with the warranty that’s not on your Droid Pro anymore after you’ve rooted it, is to unroot the gadget in question. But this type of procedure will also bring back other important changes, like all the features that were on it from the manufacturer. And besides, not all of us like how a rooted device acts.

So why not change all of that with the help of a tutorial? It’s easy, it’s stress-free and it’s over in 15 minutes tops (even less if you know your way around the intricacies of how a guide works).


Requirements are always the first step towards a successful rooting or unrooting. The ones that are meant for your Motorola Droid Pro XT610 go something like this: have a phone that is rooted with a guide of our own creation, download a file called on the desktop of your laptop, generate a backup and charge the battery.

And just like that we’ve reached the aim of this tutorial. Find out below how to unroot your handset.


Important instructions

  1. Step one is the first of a total of six steps. Pay attention to how you perform it, because you will have to plug the smartphone to your laptop; for this, the phone’s USB cord is the one that is going to facilitate this action. Then, after the devices are intertwined, you need to carefully move the APK file from its original location to the memory card root of the Droid Pro.
  2. Then do what the next step, the second, instructs; which is as follows: if the transfer went well, you should disconnect the phone from the laptop. Now use the handset to launch a file labeled File Manager on it.
  3. The third step will then need you to install the APK file, then you have to go to the App Drawer.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]For the fourth step you need to open that file after you’ve reached the place mentioned in the previous step. After the APK is launched, you have to go to Unroot.
  5. Tap on this option.
  6. The last step, the sixth one, will require you to have patience until the Droid Pro XT610 begins the unrooting sequence, then just reboot it.

If you stick to all of the above (including the requirements), your Motorola Droid Pro XT610 will be unrooted and ready to go.

Should that not happen, then you have to repeat this guide all over again so that you are successful at last.