How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy Camera

Not too long ago we came across a way to root and unroot Samsung Galaxy Camera. After showing you how to perform the former procedure, we are now about to teach you the steps needed for the second type of procedure.

It’s equally easy to do and will bring back the lost warranty and other elements which were part of the camera when you first bought it.

Important instructions

As a rule, an unrooting requires certain preparations before you start it. We will explain all of them here. First pre-requisite: see if you rooted the Galaxy Camera via one of the tutorials on our site and along with Odin 1.85. Second requirement: make a point out of fully charging the handset.

After presenting you with every single pre-requisite that must be considered for the success of the unrooting of this device, here are the steps which complete our

Important instructions

  1. Step number one advises you to move the archives you downloaded into a dedicated folder, located on your laptop’s desktop, then unzip their contents to the same place. Next action: start Odin using the double click method.
  2. For step two you need to wait until this file opens, then, while in Odin, put the files in the following tabs:
    PHONE - you must choose a file which has the Modem word in its name
    PDA - you must choose a file which has the Code word in its name
    CSC - you must choose a file which has the CSC word in its name

    When this is performed, what’s requested of you next is to see whether or not these two boxes are activated in Odin: F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot.
  3. If they are, move to the following step. Which is number three in our tutorial. According to it, you have to switch the device off, then take its battery out.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]After you do that, step number four asks you to insert this battery in and do as follows: keep selected the buttons for Camera, Volume down and Power, at the same time, for about 5 seconds.
  5. Step five comes along and tells you to have patience until you see the Galaxy Camera restarts into a mode called Download. Then you must use the camera’s original USB cable so that you can easily plug it to the comp you use.
  6. Once the connection happens, step number six instructs you to tap on Start in Odin. The firmware files will be flashed and your duty next will be that of waiting for the handset to automatically restart. After it does that, your Samsung Galaxy Camera will be unrooted.

  • Theodorus

    The unrooting procedure works great. But you must be careful with the rooting process: you should use the first guide if you want to have success with this guide. Thank you once again! 🙂