Update Galaxy Music S6010 to Android 4.0.4 Official Firmware (XXALL2)

Among its many smartphones, Samsung launched one dedicated to music lovers. Their Galaxy Music S6010 model is a nice little handset with many good features.

But it needs an update to Android 4.0.4. Thankfully, there is such an official firmware to be grabbed. We will teach you how to get it in today’s post.


The name of the tool is XXALL2 Android 4.0.4 official firmware. Before following the guide we wrote, you will need to prepare a backup, install the appropriate USB drivers for the phone on your laptop, charge the battery of the handset which needs to have its bootloader already unlocked and turn USB debugging on.Galaxy-Music-S6010

Here come the steps required for the tutorial.

Important instructions

  1. The first one looks like this: download to your laptop.
  2. Unzip the file, then download Odin tool, then turn the phone off to be able to select and keep pressed the keys for Power and Volume Down, press Power, wait for the Samsung logo and then press Power a second time. Why? Because this is the way to boot the device into Download Mode and proceed to the third step.
  3. Which tells you the following: launch Odin on the laptop, plug the phone to it and wait for an ID:COM box to become yellow and show the COM ID number. Choose whatever file needs to be installed on the Music S6010:
    – click on PDA and choose the file named CODE;
    – tap on Phone and opt for the MODEM file;
    – tap on CSC and make sure to opt for the CSC-named file;
    – click on PIT and choose .pit file.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Should no files like the ones above appear, ignore the instructions and move on to step 4; it will ask you to check the boxes which read F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot (should you have opted for the .pit file, then you need to check the box called Repartition).
  5. Next action: tap on Start and wait for the installation to end. When it does, the handset is going to restart and you can disconnect the devices from each other once the home screen appears.
  6. That is the sign you have been waited for and which tells you that the Samsung Galaxy Music S6010 has received an upgrade to the XXALL2 Android 4.0.4 official firmware as planned.
  7. In order to make sure that this has, indeed, happened, you will have to open your handset and go to its Settings; once there, tap on About phone and see whether or not the update is present.