How to Root Galaxy Tab 7.0 SGH-I987 (AT&T)

Getting new content for your Galaxy Tab 7.0 SGH-I987 (AT&T) as well as improving it are a job for SRSRoot. This dedicated application will certainly do wonders for the device. To experience that, you will need to rely on the steps we provide you with. Performing all of them is an easy job. You’ll see that very soon!

Your tablet came out in 2010. Even if it’s old, the SRSRoot will have many things that’ll make it feel brand new. This app contains various as well as helpful novelties. Once accustomed to them, the tablet will perform very well.

The goodies you’ll soon get used to are delivered free of charge. This software is powered by an SRS Server and it delivers superuser permission. To surprise you even more, the gadget is going to welcome admin permission and CPU tweaks. The processor is 1000 MHz ARM Cortex-A8. The SRSRoot will certainly modify the speeds and make the tablet move faster; this also means no freezing while performing various tasks on the tablet.

The benefits of this method

The tablet won’t get affected by viruses. The SRSRoot will make sure that there are no unwanted programs for your gadget after the rooting. If you’re affected by the root access at some point, this tool will revoke it. The OS version featured on the tablet is this one: Android 2.2. Rooting the device doesn’t mess up with it or replace it with another version. FROYO.UCJK1 is the name of the Build ID we rooted your device with. The app we’ve used works with other Build IDs, too. Your tablet won’t suffer from low battery levels once the SRSRoot is on it. Quite the opposite: the battery will last more. The novelties’ list also contains many customization opportunities and root-only applications. New features are delivered, too; as are custom ROMs.Galaxy-Tab-7.0-SGH-I987

A negative consequence resulting from a rooting is the loss of the tablet’s warranty. This loss doesn’t stop you from ever enjoying that warranty. The latter will come back with a good guide. If your Galaxy Tab 7.0 SGH-I987 should ever exprience an update, the root access and system partition will suffer a blow. Rest assured: nothing negative will happen to the data and internal / external SD cards.


You are now face to face with the steps your tablet needs to go through in order to be ready for said procedure. These steps are called requirements. And they’re as follows:

  • your laptop is in need of USB drivers that work specifically with the tablet;
  • to download them there, find them on this page;
  • after they’re installed on the laptop, charge the Galaxy Tab 7.0 SGH-I987 untill the battery’s full;
  • to avoid losing any important data on the tablet, perform some necessary backups;
  • then proceed to the creation of a full NANDroid backup;
  • Windows is the type of OS that your laptop must sport;
  • disable the laptop’s security programs;
  • then disable the security programs populating your tablet;
  • the tablet should run an activated USB Debugging.

Step by step instructions

The rooting that’ll start very soon shouldn’t take more than half an hour. Which is why we urge you to follow our every step outlined below.

  1. We start the guide with this suggestion: download the SRSRoot app on your laptop from a dedicated site. Which is this one. Open said page, then click on a download button.
  2. The app we mentioned will then enter the awaited download phase. Wait till it’s done, then do this: go to the downloaded package and flash it on the laptop.
  3. Have it launched there next. Unknown Sources will have to be activated on the Samsung SGH-I987. Do so and after that perform the rest of our steps. In case you can’t find the option we mentioned: it’s under Settings.
  4. Here’s what comes next: turn on USB Debugging. This is an option which should have been turned on before now. If you did that already, our next step needs you to connect the tablet to your laptop.
  5. The Galaxy Tab 7.0 SGH-I987 doesn’t come alone; it also delivers an USB cord. Which can be used to plug the devices together.
  6. Use it like this, then let the connection be established. The moment it is, you have to enter your tablet in the rooting stage. This cannot happen if you don’t enable this option: Root Device (All Methods).
  7. Should you notice some problems with this part, redo the steps. These issues may have to do with the waiting time; for instance, if the rooting is not over in around 15 minutes.
  8. If you aren’t offered problems, you will be asked to reboot the tablet. Which is easy to do; simply look for something known as Reboot System Now. Then, when your gadget’s starting again, you’ll have free reign to enjoy the rooting!

Consider the SRSRoot software in case you wish to revoke the root access. Also, if you want to ask us something in connection to the rooting, do so via our comment section.

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