How to Root Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800

Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800 has plenty to receive from a rooting. With SRSRoot you’ll go through this procedure easily and safely. This software that will help with the process is compatible with your tablet. To install it, you need only perform our tutorial!

The rooting if your tablet was performed using a device with this Build ID: HTJ85B.ZSKL2. The SRSRoot, though, doesn’t function with only one Build ID. Many others are available for your device. Many different brands can be rooted with this app, yours included.

A dual-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 is on your gadget right now. This CPU will perform in a superior way thanks to the rooting. As such, your tablet is going to deliver better performance. Released about 3 years ago, your gadget contains Android 3.2 Honeycomb as its OS. The today’s app is compatible with this variant. And it won’t erase it; the SRSRoot works with every single Android version ever released.Galaxy-Tab-7.7-P6800

The benefits of this procedure

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800 will sport new and great goodies. They’re new features and battery tweaks. Then you’ll get custom ROMs and root-only apps for your tablet. The method we’re using for this tutorial delivers many other novelties. Here they are: customization options and superuser permission. Admin permission is delivered, too.

The rooting method you’re going to use on your gadget lets you unroot it, as well. And the new app is powered by an SRS Server.

If the tablet you own has to go through an update procedure, then you will end up with its root access revoked. Fortunately, the internal and external SD cards belonging to the device will not be affected. Unfortunately, the system partition will. The data which is important for you will not be deleted from it if you upgrade the device. Another drawback to rooting the tablet is the following: the warranty will be erased from it.

Another thing: the rooting won’t deliver security problems or bloatware.


The rooting we deliver today has some important steps for you to follow. But the first thing to be done now: requirements. The list containing them is below:

  • make backups to help preserve your tablet’s important content;
  • there should be a full NANDroid backup, too, so create one as well;
  • your tablet must have its USB Debugging option turned on;
  • observe the tablet’s battery and charge it if it needs to;
  • open this page and download USB drivers from it on your notebook;
  • turn off the security programs in use on your Samsung GT-P6800;
  • turn off, next, the ones installed on your notebook;
  • Windows must be the operating system used by your laptop.

Step by step instructions

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 P6800 has to experience our rooting steps from now on.

  1. The one which begins the procedure goes like this: download the SRSRoot tool on the notebook from this page. If you don’t use that site and download the tool from somewhere else, you will end up with a damaged tablet.
  2. But if you go to that website and get the software from there on your laptop, you’ll have nothing to worry about.
  3. Install this software on your notebook next, then do this: open it and enable Unknown Sources. The latter is an option situated under Settings.
  4. If the option is turned on, you might as well turn USB Debugging on, too. If you did that for the previous requirements, go on and use the USB cord of your tablet to do this: plug the gadget to the laptop.
  5. The connection will then be generated. Wait for that to be completed, then continue by enabling Root Device (All Methods).
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]This option is going to kick start the rooting very soon. We recommend you to wait till the process ends.
  7. Once the rooting procedure finishes, you can go to your Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800 and reboot it. This is necessary because only by doing this will your tablet actually be rooted. After the necessary tool is on the gadget, you have access to the advantages we mentioned earlier in our post.

If you don’t think the rooting is as great as promised and you want an unrooted device, help will come in the form of the SRSRoot. As previously discussed, this app offers you the possibility to also get rid of the tablet’s full access.

If you ever have issues with the rooting of your tablet, all you have to do is use the comment field under today’s guide.