How to Root LG Optimus Me P350

SRSRoot tool does a great job for when you want a rooted LG Optimus Me P350. Here is a guide which contains all the rooting steps you have to perform if that’s what you want for your phone.

With Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread on-board, your device qualifies for this method. That’s because this is a procedure which supports many Android OS versions, starting with the 1.5 and ending with the 4.2 JB version. This tool also provides the possibility to unroot your smartphone if that’s what you want. Powered by SRS Server, the tool we have for you here is compatible not only with LG gadgets, but also with Samsung, Motorola and many other brands.

This one-click rooting tool is powered by the following Build ID: MIUI Android. Many different Build IDs can be used with the SRSRoot tool.

The improvements

You can enjoy many novelties after you root your smartphone. The ones you should look forward to will turn your device into a much superior one. You’ll get to use custom ROMs, customization tweaks, new apps (root-only apps being some of them) and much more. There’s also admin permission to expect from a rooted LG Optimus Me P350; as is superuser permission. You’ll soon notice that your handset is free from bloatware, security threats and other problems.

You will deal with several issues after the rooting’s been performed. Updating a rooted device with certain firmware will erase its system partition and root access. Your phone’s warranty is going to be wiped out from it once the procedure is achieved. Only the LG Optimus Me P350 must be used with the SRSRoot tool; any other smartphone with another name will be damaged if this method is applied.

If you’re worried about having to pay for this application, know this: the tool comes for free!LG-Optimus-Me-P350


On to these requirements:

  • use a Galaxy Optimus Me P350 whose battery is charged fully;
  • your notebook’s operating system should be Windows instead of Mac, Linux and so on;
  • create backups to keep your precious data on the phone after the rooting ends;
  • a full NANDroid backup must also be generated;
  • turn on your handset’s USB Debugging option;
  • your notebook must be having USB drivers installed on it;
  • turn off the handset’s security programs;
  • then turn off the laptop’s own security software.

Step by step instructions

Start the rooting by performing a download.

  1. For this first step, we recommend going here. If you’re now on the site we indicated, look around until you spot a button. This button has to be tapped now in order to download the SRSRoot software on your device.
  2. Once this action is completed, you will be asked to install the file and then open it on your notebook. The flashing will take a couple of minutes.srsroot
  3. If the installation of the new tool is at its end, do this: enable Unknown Sources. This specific option can be found under the phone’s Settings option. If you haven’t enabled USB Debugging by now, you can do it after you’ve tapped the previous option we mentioned.
  4. After each of these tasks has been performed, we recommend establishing a connection between the notebook and your smartphone; use the latter’s USB cable to create this connection. Wait until the plugging happens; it won’t take long.
  5. The plugging now generated, you have to tap another option. Its name: Root Device (All Methods). If you don’t know where to find this: it’s part of the SRSRoot software.
  6. Having completed this part, too, you can now prepare for the new software to become part of your smartphone. The whole procedure will take not more than several minutes.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]When you’ve waited enough, the SRSRoot tool will have finally been installed on your LG Optimus Me P350. If you don’t find it among your phone’s other products, it’s best to just redo the guide until the software is on the handset.

If, however, you see the new tool, your device is now rooted. Try it out and see if you enjoy it. If you don’t, you can always unroot the phone with the same method. But should you like the handset in its rooted form, have fun using it!

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