Samsung Galaxy Note vs Galaxy Note 2

We recently thought of adding other two phones to our “versus” articles. And we chose, for this purpose, the following devices: the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note 2 made by the same company, Samsung. Below you will find what we thought of them. And whether or not we considered one to be better than the other.

The first elements we took into consideration were the bodies of these two phablets. While the Galaxy Note 2 is a 151.1mm x 80.5mm x 9.4mm device, the Galaxy Note measures 146.9mm x 83mm x 9.7mm. The former has a weight of 178g; the latter weighs 180g. So if you don’t want your hand falling off, choose the lighter Galaxy Note.

The processor

The CPU on the Galaxy Note is a dual-core 1.4 GHz ARM Cortex-A9. The processor on the Galaxy Note 2 is an Exynos quad-core 1.6GHz ARM Cortex-A9. Which is much faster than on the first Galaxy Note smartphone.

As for touchscreens, the one sported by the Note 2 is larger: 5.5″. The original Galaxy Note has a 5.3″ display. The weird thing is that the resolution on the first Note was better compared to the number of pixels on the Note 2: 1,280 x 800 with 285ppi versus 1,280 x 720 pixels with 267ppi.galaxy-note-vs-galaxy-note-2

Things look different when we discuss about the cameras on the smartphones’ front. Which mean 1.9MP on the Note 2 and 2MP on the Note. Samsung’s Galaxy Note comes with an 8MP cam on its back; the same as the Note 2. Fortunately, both cams on the front have the same resolution when it comes to capturing videos: 1080p.

The connectivity

Another thing we are happy about is that both of these two smartphones boast HSPA+ along with integrated 4G LTE. Which translates into faster connectivity. So far, we don’t know when we should expect these two gadgets to be featured on UK carriers. Hopefully sooner rather than later.sasung-galaxy-note

In terms of RAM, the original Note is not well endowed; it offers only 1GB. Whereas the Note 2 is, with 2GB. This allows the device to deliver better performance. In the battle of storage space, the newest Galaxy Note 2 is the obvious winner, because it offers better options.

Point in case, this device features 16, 32 and 64GB of storage space. Which is better than the 16GB sported by the Galaxy Note. And this is not all. Samsung endowed their latest Note 2 not one, but a couple of microSD cards. They are the tool which make the memory reach 64GB of worth. Compared to this, the Galaxy Note is not that generous with its memory options; this gadget offers support up to 32GB for external support. And so it looks like the new Galaxy Note 2 rule supreme.

The battery and OS

Rounding up the list of specs we’ve reached the battery area. The Galaxy Note 2 has superior battery life. Its 3,100mAh value compared to the 2,500mAh boasted by the Galaxy Note means the user will be able to do a whole lot more with their gadget. Which was proven by some of the tests we did with the 2 products. Compare this reality to Apple and their devices which don’t really shine when it comes to battery life. In other words, Samsung has hit the jackpot with the Galaxy Note 2 (among other creations of theirs).galaxy-note-2

Finally, we reached the part where we talk about operating systems. The version that is installed on the Galaxy Note 2 is the Android 4.1, also known as Jelly Bean. This is the latest OS to come from Google, so it offers plenty of new features that are very exciting to experience. On the other hand, the operating system on the Galaxy Note is the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich; it used to be the 2.3 Gingerbread version at first, then Samsung thought better and took the decision to upgrade it to a better version.

So that’s it for today’s versus article. May it help you decide on which Samsung Galaxy Note to buy. However, no info on the new models’ price and official release date has been offered. We only know that the Note has a £400 price tag. The strategy is to raise the price, so we should expect the Galaxy Note 2 to cost more than the original model.

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