How to unroot CSL Switch Dual II Mi357 running on Android Gingerbread

If you own a CSL Switch Dual II Mi357 which is rooted and you want to unroot it, our guide is here to give you the tips on how to do so. After following this tutorial, the warranty of the device will return at once. And you will also get to experience the phone’s initial features and whatnot.

But the things you will not be able to use anymore after you unroot your handset: the root-only apps and custom ROMs. If you don’t like the idea of losing those advantages, then don’t unroot your CSL Switch Mi357.


The model we are using for this post is the one which has Android Gingerbread as its operating system. Other than this detail, you should watch out for these pre-requisites: make a backup via these instructions (so that you will not lose the data you value the most on your handset), use the CSL Switch Dual II Mi357 instead of a completely different smartphone (you should, to be on the safe side, verify the model by going to your device’s Settings and then opening About Phone), search the right USB Drivers for the phone and have them installed on your notebook.

Then make sure the battery of the device is charged, that its USB Debugging is turned on and that you are using a laptop which is integrated with Windows. Your smartphone will have the USB Debugging enabled if you do the following: go to Menu, open Settings, launch Applications and then choose Unknown Sources; there you will find the requested option for this tutorial.CSL-Switch-Dual-II-Mi-357

The way to unroot your CSL Mi357 is now closer than ever. Be sure to follow the steps below and you will have an unrooted device very soon!


  1. We have the following instructions for you: download on your laptop’s desktop, then make sure it’s properly saved there before you extract it in the same spot as before.
  2. After you’ve taken care of the previous tasks, you will have to perform these actions: use the USB cord shipping with the phone so that the latter is plugged to your laptop, then go to your notebook’s desktop and, once there, run RUNME-UNROOT.bat; the latter is the app which comes with the unroot package we told you about in the beginning of our guide.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Now wait for the necessary guidelines which will tell you how to smoothly unroot your Switch Dual II Mi357. These instructions are going to pop on the smartphone’s touchscreen very soon, so have some patience. After you have done everything that was indicated in those prompts, you should have a properly unrooted handset.

As soon as that happens, you can test the device out and see how it starts to deliver the same user experience fro before the rooting procedure. Moreover, you will not have to mourn over the loss of the warranty, since it will be on your phone once again.

One thing we’ll leave you with now: enjoy your Android Gingerbread unrooted smartphone!