Update Galaxy S Advance I9070P with XXLPE Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Official Firmware

It’s another smartphone made by Samsung that we will update to official Android 4.1.2 JB today: Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070P.

By way of introduction we shall throw in the necessary pre-requisites like we always do: turn on USB debugging, make a backup via our instructions (as always: generate a complete backup of the phone’s internal memory to a dedicated hard drive via a memory card), flash USB drivers for the handset on your laptop, use the S Advance I9070P that arrives bootloader and carrier unlocked, charge the battery of the smartphone and own a comp that runs Windows (should it not do that, then use CrossOver Utility for your laptop that has Linux of Mac pre-installed).

Important instructions

  1. It’s now high time you got the requirements out of the way replaced with these actions for our guide: download Odin tool v3.07 and on your notebook.
  2. They should next be unzipped on the same device; try and see if Odin 3.07.exe and .tar.md5 are on the laptop and then switch the handset off to prepare it for the next task.
  3. Which is this one: the phone needs to reach Download Mode by pressing and holding, at the same time, Home, Volume Up and Power till the moment the display of the phone shows Android logo.
  4. To run the Odin 3.07.exe as an Admin for the next task, you need to use the right click method on odin.exe and afterwards on the option called “Run as administrator” from the phone’s context menu.Galaxy-S-Advance-I9070P
  5. After you connect the S Advance I9070P to your notebook, you will be prompted to choose certain files via the keys we will show you below:
    – click on PDA and opt for a file with CODE in its name;
    – click on Phone and choose a file which has MODEM as part of its name;
    – click on CSC, then choose a file with CSC in its name;
    – click on PIT and opt for a file that will read as .pit.
  6. For your next move, you will be asked to choose F. Reset Time, Auto Reboot and Repartition; the latter box will have to be opted for only in case you already chose the .pit file.
  7. The installation of the XXLPE will commence without a worry only after you tap on Start. Wait a bit and then, after the flashing is over, make sure the handset reboots. A message saying PASS will inform you that you need to do the following: unplug the smartphone from the laptop.

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Now everything is in order. If you followed our tutorial by the book, you will find the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean build XXLPE in the “About phone”. If not, then repeat the guide and you will see it.

But the following can happen: the Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070P may get in boot animation and never get out of it. But that’s only apparent, because you can help it recover by going to Recovery Mode, then performing Factory Reset/Wipe Data and then Wipe Cache Partition. The option that instructs you to restart the phone will need to be chosen so that this mini guide can end on a positive note.