How to Root HTC Desire Z

We now have a rooting method for your HTC Desire Z. It costs nothing and you’ll end up with a rooted device as quickly as possible!

If this is the first time you’re performing such a procedure, there’s nothing to frighten you. You need to provide the right phone model and follow our steps. The tool you’ll end up with is SRSRoot. It’s not the only rooting method available today, but it’s one of the easiest to use. There are many other great things about this tool.

But now let’s see what your device will go through once the rooting’s done. This is the kind of procedure which is responsible for your phone’s warranty loss. Also, a rooted handset will end up with damaged system partition. Not only that, but you’ll also experience a revoked root access. All of this will happen if you update your device to new Android firmware. In the end, though, your smartphone’s data will be saved. Which will also happen to its internal and external SD

The benefits of rooting

Before you proceed to the installation of this new software, we should tell you that we used this Build ID: IML74K. But you can use whatever Build ID you want; the SRSRoot tool supports them all. Not only does it support that, but it’s also compatible with many other brands and Android versions. The version that’s installed on your own phone won’t get erased after the procedure.

You’ll have admin and superuser permission as soon as you’re done with the rooting. The CPU of your phone, an 800 MHz Scorpion one, will move faster. The battery will last more, root-only apps will appear and you’ll have plenty of customization tweaks. Released 4 years ago, your phone will feel brand new with its new features and custom ROMs. You won’t deal with unnecessary programs (bloatware). No security problems will be in sight.

For better results, use this tutorial only if you have the HTC Desire Z.


If you know what to expect from our guide, feel free to use these instructions for your handset. First, here’s what must be done:

  • your HTC Desire Z needs, for this procedure, a full battery;
  • your phone’s data should be protected from damage, so create a backup or more;
  • a full NANDroid needs to be generated with these tips;
  • here you’ll find USB drivers appropriate for your smartphone;
  • download them on your notebook from that place;
  • your notebook needs to come with pre-installed Windows;
  • this procedure should be performed only if your phone’s security software is turned off;
  • also, turn off the laptop’s security software;
  • turn on USB Debugging on your handset.

Step by step instructions

Having just performed these important requirements, you can follow the rooting steps coming up next!

  1. To start this procedure well, access this website. This first is very important; it takes you to the SRSRoot software. When you’ve opened that page, a download button will come up. Your job is to click on it; doing that will help the software land on your notebook.
  2. If the download of this software is done, you’ll also have to do this: open it after it’s installed on the laptop. Your handset’s Menu should be tapped now.
  3. When Settings is on the screen, be sure to locate this: Unknown Sources. If you don’t manage to find it: this option is under the Settings one. If USB Debugging hasn’t been turned on yet, you’ll have to do it now.
  4. After that, take the USB cord which arrives with the phone. Use this cable for the following action: connect the HTC Desire Z to the laptop. The connection between your devices will be over sooner than you think.
  5. If several minutes have passed and the smartphone’s plugged to your notebook, tap Root Device (All Methods).
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The rooting of your device is now possible. Be sure to restart the phone as soon as the rooting is completed. This will enable you to make use of your smartphone afterwards.

If the device has just finished its rebooting sequence, you can begin to explore your rooted phone! If you are not fully enjoying the new experience, an unrooting is just around the corner. And you can always use the same software for this.

If you have questions about today’s procedure, you can drop them below.