How to Root Galaxy W 4G SGH-T679M

In the mood for something that’ll bring your Galaxy W 4G SGH-T679M up-to-date? You can always depend on a particular app for this. The smartphone is about to receive all the improvement it can handle!

The handset which we plan on rooting is otherwise known as Samsung Ancora. Its well-being is sought after by SRSRoot. The latter costs nothing if you want to gain access to it. This app is one which won’t mind the type of gadget you have. In fact, this tool accepts many other elements found on your device. For instance, the phone has Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread; this operating system is one of the many others that are compatible with the SRSRoot app. Actually, all of Google’s variants are supported by this rooting instrument.

The advantages of this method

After it appears on your smartphone, the new app will bring with it tweaks for personalization purposes. When the handset is done with the customization, you can enjoy new features. The battery of your handset has probably been acting poorly; to remedy this situation, the SRSRoot delivers many improvement options. Launched about 3 years ago, your phone has this CPU version: 1000 MHz. If the rooting happens, you’ll also have a device with a faster processor. An an added point, the app is powered by an SRS Server.Galaxy-W-4G-SGH-T679M

The rooting has to be done via this: a Build ID. Our pick is called: GINGERBREAD.UGKK1. Not sure what to choose? You can pick our selection. However, the app lets the phone’s owner choose the Build ID of their heart’s desire. After you’re done with this selecting process, you’ll get to enjoy root-only apps. Custom ROMs and superuser / admin permission come with the rooting, too. This dedicated application delivers the new additions in such a way that makes them enjoyable without being bothered by bloatware; security problems are also not present. Unrooting the Galaxy W SGH-T679M is another job done by the app.

You will have a rooted device by the end of this post. But you’ll also have a gadget devoid of its warranty. Retrieving it is best done like this: look for a guide that works with the phone and shows you how to get the warranty back. To update a rooted device, you’ll need to make do without its root access. The phone’s system partition will be left out, too. These will not be damaged: important data as well as internal / external SD cards. To retrieve these, you need to find a tutorial compatible with your device.


You’re now going to be looking at certain pre-requisites to get the handset ready. Prepare it for the rooting by doing the following:

  • activate USB Debugging on the phone;
  • your notebook needs to feature them, so download the drivers on it;
  • Windows is a must-have OS version on the notebook;
  • the smartphone’s battery unit needs to be a fully charged one;
  • you must protect the handset’s data by creating a couple of regular backup;
  • a full NANDroid backup is also recommended, so be sure to initiate one;
  • your Samsung SGH-T679M has to run with disabled security programs;
  • download, from this particular place, USB drivers on your notebook (they are compatible with the handset);
  • the security programs that are featured on the notebook need to be deactivated.

Step by step instructions

  1. The very first action you need to perform: get the SRSRoot app downloaded on the notebook. You won’t have problems finding it; the app is on this site.
  2. Click on the download button that will come up very soon; that way, this app will get featured on your device. After that, go to the app and do the following: install and launch it on your notebook.
  3. The next thing you’re asked to do: turn on Unknown Sources by looking under this particular option: Settings.
  4. Then do this: activate USB Debugging. This option needs enabling only if it wasn’t turned on earlier.
  5. The smartphone’s USB cord will be a much-needed for this step. The latter needs you to provide a plugging between the handset and notebook.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]After a short while, the devices will be connected to each other. That’s when you’ll be able to begin the handset’s rooting. Tap Root Device (All Methods) and everything will start. Approximately 15 minutes is what you need to wait for.
  7. After the rooting is over, you should restart your Galaxy W 4G SGH-T679M. Enabling the following will do that: Reboot System Now. Your handset will now reveal the rooting novelties you’ve been expecting. Are they underwhelming? Not to worry; the SRSRoot is, as mentioned, an unrooting alternative.

The tutorial here features a comment box. Its existence lets you know that you can direct your enquiries there if the rooting poses problems.