Update Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 to Official XXUAMDL Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Firmware

Galaxy S4 I9500, the International version that includes Exynos 5 among its most attractive specs, can be updated to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with official tool that’s dubbed XXUAMDL.


As long as your phone is not locked to a carrier of any kind, if its USB debugging option is turned on, if your comp has USB drivers for this handset flashed on it and as long as the battery of the S4 GT-I9500 is fully charged, then you can install the XXUAMDL on your device in peace.

Just be sure to follow the steps in this tutorial.

Important instructions

  1. The first one requires these actions: download the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 XXUAMDL firmware and Odin tool 3.07 on your notebook.
  2. Use, for step two, a special tool to unzip the contents of the two zip files on your laptop. Once .tar.md5 and Odin 3.07.exe are settled on the latter, you need to power the Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 off. Now enter the smartphone into Download Mode.
  3. To make that happen successfully, you need to press + hold, at the same time, these keys: Volume Up, Home and Power; when the handset comes alive, you will know that it’s been booted into the Download Mode.samsung-galaxy-s4-GT-I9500
  4. Step four needs you to open, on your notebook, Odin.
  5. For step number 5 you have to enable the I9500 to be connected to your PC. If you want to know whether the two are indeed plugged to one another the right way, look for “Added!!” and an ID:COM icon in yellow with a COM port number in tow. To solve the problem of not seeing those two signals, you need to use a different USB or flash the USB Drivers on your comp again.
  6. Step six will will need you to pay close attention to the following instructions:
    – click on PDA and afterwards choose a file that arrives with one of the following extensions: .md5 or .tar;
    – click on Phone and then opt for the file that includes MODEM in its given name;
    – click on CSC and make sure to select the file that opens up with CSC as part of its name;
    – click on PIT and opt for a .pit file.
    Once you complete the above, you have to select the check boxes that are called Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time. Only activate Repartition should you have chosen the .pit file.
  7. For the seventh step you need to tap on Start.
  8. The installation of the XXUAMDL will commence and, when it’s finished, the display will show PASS + a background in green.
  9. You are allowed to unplug the Galaxy S4 I9500 from your laptop. The XXUAMDL firmware will be in the “About phone” part of your handset if you go and check.

The smartphone may be prone to getting blocked in booting stage. To solve this kind of troubleshooting, you have to access the Recovery Mode, then do as follows: operate Factory reset/Wipe data and then Wipe cache partition, after which you should end this by opting for the phone’s restarting.

Posted In How To - By Mihai Mateescu

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