Update Galaxy Camera GC100 with Official XXBMC4 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Firmware

Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 is a new Android device that incorporates a point-and-shoot camera and it can now be updated to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 via this guide of ours.

We offer you the same requirements before telling you what steps to follow to get the update: make a backup using this guide, turn on USB debugging, charge the battery, use a computer that runs Windows (or, if you prefer either Linux or Mac, then use CrossOver Utility) and install USB Drivers for this gadget on your laptop.

Important instructions

The tutorial can now begin.

  1. Step number 1: get the official Jelly Bean 4.1.2 GC100XXBMC4 firmware and Odin tool on your comp, extract their files and search for the ones labelled .tar and Odin3 v3.07.exe.
  2. The EK-GC100 hybrid needs to be turned off before you can enter it in Download Mode. Which is done by pressing and simultaneously holding down Camera, Volume Down and Power; when you see “Warning!”, it’s time to press Volume Up. Run the Odin tool as an Administrator after the required Mode was entered (do this by choosing “Run as administrator” when you’re in the contextual menu).Galaxy-Camera-EK-GC100
  3. Plug the gadget to your laptop. The connection between the devices will be successful only if “Added!!” and a COM port number colored in yellow pop on the display; if there are issues: reinstall the USB Drivers or you can use a USB port that’s different to the one you’ve been using.
  4. Choose a bunch of files. They are as follows:
    – a file that includes CODE in its name (only opt for it if you’ve clicked on PDA before);
    – a file with MODEM as part of its name (click on Phone to see it faster);
    – a file whose letters contain CSC (click on CSC for it to appear);
    – a file called .pit (click on PIT and you will see it).
    Not seeing any of the files above? That’s absolutely OK to happen. Instead, check these two boxes: F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot. Activate Repartition if the .pit file from before was chosen.
  5. Step number 5 will need you to tap on Start and have patience, because the installation of the official XXBMC4 firmware will debut. The Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 will restart after the flashing is over.
  6. Step number six will ask you to look for PASS and a green background. Have you spotted them? If yes, then disconnect the gadget from the laptop.

Download the firmware again should you spot, in Odin, a message saying “MD5 hash value invalid”. After or during the update process you can notice that the device is stuck on infinite boot loop and won’t budge at all. We will tell you what to do if you happen to see that:

  • go to Recovery Mode after you complete the last step of our guide;
  • be sure to perform Factory Reset/Wipe Data;
  • operate Wipe Cache Partition;
  • choose the system restarting from the contextual menu.

Now that you have just solved these issues, go and marvel at what the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean is all about on your Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100.

Posted In How To - By Catalin Nichita

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