How to Root Galaxy Y GT-S5369

You will very soon have a Galaxy Y GT-S5369 incorporating a great deal of improvement solutions. But we won’t reveal everything here. If you’ve always dreamt of a better phone experience, you will see your dreams come true today!

To be able to face a rooting without landing into major trouble, SRSRoot is your best choice. As a rooting instrument, this app will surely work wonders. Downloading it is a piece of cake and you don’t have to pay for doing that. Among the novelties that arrive with the app are some which let you personalize the Galaxy Young GT-S5369 according to your exact taste. The operating system your handset ships with is this: Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread; you will not see it erased. If you are using another device sporting a different Android variant, the SRSRoot will accept them both; that’s another great thing which comes with the app: support for as many Android versions as there are on the market.

The benefits of this method

The smartphone will have improved CPU speeds, too. Then there’s the addition of root-only apps. The presence of new features should also be noted. Other new things include the following: admin and superuser permission. Last but definitely not least, you’ll have battery options so that the handset can last more than what you’re used to; and plenty of custom ROMs. All of these will be enjoyed without having to be bothered by bloatware. A device which is rooted via the SRSRoot app won’t run into security problems.

If you decide you want to get rid of root access, the SRSRoot has a way to do that. The app is powered by an SRS Server. You have to opt for a Build ID before you root the phone. You can use the one we picked: GINGERBREAD.BVLF1; or you can go for another one. The freeware will work with many other Build ID versions you may select.

The Galaxy Young GT-S5369 once complete with root access, you’ll have to find a way to retrieve the warranty; this will get lost once the rooting’s done. Your smartphone will also experience other damage. It consists of the following: an erased system partition and revoked root access. You will keep the important data that’s already well stored on the phone. Internal and external SD cards are both free from damage.Galaxy-Y-GT-S5369


Perform the requirements below to have both your handset and notebook prepared for the guide:

  • there are certain USB drivers that are only appropriate for your handset and they have to be downloaded on the notebook;
  • go to the smartphone’s USB Debugging option and activate it;
  • several essential backups should be performed if you don’t want to lose the phone’s data;
  • a full NANDroid backup has to also be performed;
  • Windows has to be sported by your notebook;
  • the phone’s security software will have to go through a deactivation;
  • the same deactivation process should be performed on the notebook’s security software;
  • the handset has a battery that, if low, must be charged fully.

Step by step instructions

The requirements you just performed earlier should be followed by our rooting steps displayed below.

  1. Our tutorial will first ask you to download, on the notebook, the SRSRoot app. To quickly locate it, we suggest visiting this site; there is a download button you need to tap.
  2. Once you are done activating it, your notebook will soon have the app. After it’s there, you need to flash it and then open it.
  3. Unknown Sources is an option you have to enable afterwards. Its location: under the handset’s Settings (which you can find by tapping Menu). If you haven’t previously turned on USB Debugging, you are allowed to do it here.
  4. Your phone and notebook need to be plugged to one another. This is going to be helped by the USB cable that’s property of your smartphone.
  5. The products once connected, your Galaxy Y S5369 can enter the rooting phase. Root Device (All Methods) needs to be enabled for that to start.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]After 13 minutes are up, you’ll have to take your phone through a rebooting. But if the device isn’t rooted in 15 minutes’ time, the previous steps must be repeated.
  7. To restart the smartphone, you have Reboot System Now. Go to it and tap it. The rebooting will mark the end of the guide. If you want to play with the new stuff we advertised, do so!

This is the moment you’ll know if the root access is a must or not; in case it isn’t and you want an unrooted Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5369, use the SRSRoot app.

For questions related to the rooting, use the box below.