How to Root HTC Sensation XE Z715e

A HTC Sensation XE Z715e that contains root access is an improved handset. Work your way through this procedure with today’s tutorial!

Like so many smartphones before it, your model will do great once root access is introduced. But there’s a thing or more to do before you can root the device. For one, you will be asked to perform our pre-requisites. Then our steps. They are essential to every rooting tutorial online.

Then, after you are done with this guide, you’ll be presented with many interesting and new stuff. That’s all possible with SRSRoot app. Since you’re probably interested in what these goodies are, we’ll feature them below!

Your smartphone will have multiple new goodies to choose from. Take these, for example: root-only apps and customization tweaks. There will also be many custom ROMs to enjoy. Battery tweaks will also be a welcome addition. The SRSRoot will make sure that your phone won’t receive any unwelcome security intruders. Bloatware will also be banished from the handset.HTC-Sensation-XE-Z715e

The benefits of this procedure

Your smartphone came out in 2011. The CPU it packs is this version: dual-core 1.5 GHz Scorpion. You will see it move at faster speeds after the rooting. The SRSRoot is an app that costs nothing. Apart from that, it works with many Android versions; the one on your handset is the 4.0.3 ICS variant. Other than that, today’s tool is powered by an SRS Server.

Also known as HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio, your phone was rooted with the following Build ID: IML74K. Your choice of Build ID can be different; this application is compatible with many other such instruments.

New features and battery tweaks are other novelties for your phone to enjoy. These goodies include superuser and admin permission, too. Last, but not least: this app is also capable of unrooting any device. Yours included.

If you decide on updating your smartphone, having root access on it means problems. An update firmware strips a gadget of its system partition. The damage also includes that device’s root access. In other words: if you upgrade the phone, it won’t be rooted anymore. But it will retain its internal / external SD cards and crucial content.

After providing root access, your smartphone’s warranty will have to be revoked. Fortunately, if you look online for ways to restore it, you will find plenty.


As you get ready for the rooting, your HTC Sensation XE Z715e should get through the following tasks:

  • open the security software running on the notebook;
  • deactivate it;
  • your laptop should feature USB drivers compatible with the handset you’re using;
  • download them from this place on that notebook;
  • your HTC Z715e will have to boast a battery that’s fully charged;
  • your laptop must have Windows running on it;
  • create some standard backups to make sure the handset’s data is completely safe;
  • a full NANDroid backup is required as well;
  • open your phone’s security programs;
  • disable them.

Step by step instructions

The device is now done with our requirements. Up next: the steps to root it with.

  1. Download the SRSRoot on your personal notebook. The app has a home on this page. Click on the link, then on the download button which will appear after you’re on that site.
  2. The download once finished, time to have the app installed and launched on that notebook of yours. If all of these actions have been completed, time to move on.
  3. This next step has you do the following: turn on Unknown Sources by looking under Settings. After that, enable USB Debugging if you didn’t do it for the aforementioned pre-requisites.
  4. If done, initiate, between the phone and notebook, a plugging. The creation of such a connection is done via the handset’s helpful USB cable.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Now do this: generate the rooting. Look for Root Device (All Methods) on your HTC Sensation XE. Locate it first, then tap it. Then wait some time till the process is finalized.
  6. This should happen after waiting around 10-15 minutes. The rooting may unfortunately require more time till it’s done. In that case, we need you to redo the steps.
  7. Your smartphone has to be restarted. This last step is done by tapping Reboot System Now.

After performing these steps, your HTC Z715e can enjoy the root access we promised to deliver. Then you can make up your mind whether to keep the root access or not. Should you want to discard it, your best option is the SRSRoot.

If you want to leave us questions about the rooting, use our comment box.